Calling All Moms – Is Your Home Dangerous?

The home is the one place in the world where you can be safe and relax. So, when this isn’t the case, it can come as a massive shock. And, the consequences can be seemingly endless. Want to know something amazing? Lots of moms have no idea how dangerous their home is right now at this moment. Sure, it looks the part, but underneath the hood, there may be silent killers waiting for their chance. In fact, some hazards are out in the open; you don’t see the potential risks yet. 

To help out, this post has a list of things that you may want to reconsider.


Damp, Green Walls

If the walls are damp and greenish, then there is a mold problem. Usually, homeowners howl when they hear the news because it’s expensive. To call Restoration USA is going to cost you a pretty penny, of that there is no doubt. However, please b aware that mold is a health risk. The particles from the bacteria can get into the body can cause respiratory problems. This is particularly true for young children and babies. The best way to deal with it is to stop the problem at source, which means finding the reason for the damp and patching up the leak.

Open Pool

A pool is essential in the summer. It’s the one place in the home where you can relax in peace without sweating buckets. After all, the temps are bound to reach the late 90s and that is uncomfortable. Sadly, a pool is a drowning hazard for the people who can’t swim. Yes, the kids love the pool more than anyone yet they are most at risk. All it takes is for one of them to slip and fall in while you’re not watching. And, it isn’t as if a mom has eyes in the back of her head. At the least, cover it when not in use.


Curb Appeal

There’s nothing nicer than watching the kids play in the front garden. They are getting exercise and doing it in sight of the house. There can’t be any problems, can there? Yes, there can because open lawns are close to the road. Anyone who wants to call Bill Hurst will find out how common pedestrian accidents are in the States. Plus, it isn’t as if kids don’t run out into the road chasing after balls. A fence is always a safe bet because it provides a barrier between the house and the street.

Fire Safety

Everyone is aware of how destructive fires are, even if they haven’t seen one in the flesh. Still, lots of modern homes are ill-equipped to deal with one. For starters, there is a severe lack of alarms, and if there are many of them don’t work. Plus, there’s an electrical outburst to consider too. Modern homes are full of gadgets and they create heat. To deal with the latter, merely remove anything that is unnecessary for too powerful. For the former, install alarms and check they work on a regular basis.

Only you can answer the question. So, what’s the diagnosis?

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