Urban To Rural: Vital Guidelines For Moving To The Country

Living in a rural location is a fantastic experience, but it isn’t for everyone. Although many people will
say that it is a personal dream to live in a log cabin, farmstead, or rural cottage, the reality is a lot
different to what they might think. It’s a very different experience to city living, and there are a few
things you should know before taking the plunge. Here are some simple guidelines on what to expect
when you move to a remote and rural location.

Be part of the community

When you live in the middle of nowhere, it’s important to have people around you that you can rely on.
There may not be stores open 24/7 like you are used to, and if you need emergency supplies, you are
more likely to get them from a neighbor than you are from a mall. So, make yourself known to your local
community and become part of it. You’ll find people are interested in you and very accepting, but it does
need some work on your part, too!

It’s a different culture

As pointed out over at toughnickel.com/, you can leave your big-city opinions where you came
from - embrace your new environment, instead. Keep your finger on the community pulse and learn
about the area’s history and the people’s connections to it. Many people in small towns are connected
in some way, and it can be useful to recognize and make those connections as time goes by.

The move can be tricky

Moving house is a stressful experience wherever you end up. But with the city new builds,
at least you have good roads, simple access to buildings, and many other facilities that you may not
have in your new location. As pointed out over at parksmoving.com/, you may have to travel huge
distances to get to your new home, and it’s important to select a removal company that has the
capability of accessing difficult-to-reach areas. There maybe considerations to make with regards to
an old house, too. Plan ahead, too. With longer, more difficult trips, it’s vital to have everything in
place long before your moving day.

Be ready to embrace rural living

A lot of city folks don’t like the pace of life in country areas and small, remote towns. Part of the p
roblem is that they expect everything on demand - fast service, a good selection of products, and
super cheap prices. If this bothers you, or if you will spend all your time complaining, the truth is that
rural life probably isn’t for you. If you can embrace the slower pace of life, be enthusiastic about it, and
see the positives rather than the negatives, it will work in your favor.

Be friendly

Finally, it doesn’t take much to make friends in a rural community - as discussed, all you need to do is show willing and get involved. It does help to be friendly, though, and rural folk have a certain openness that they may well expect in return. It’s the opposite of city life, where no one is really interested, and it can take a while to get used to. However, try it out, give it a go, and you’ll make strong, amazing friendships that you will keep for life.

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