Budget Busting Ways To Put Your Own Stamp On Your Home

Everyone likes the idea of adding their own personality to their homes,
however, not all of us have the budget to renovate a kitchen completely, or replace a
bathroom, as much as we would like. But yet we still want to add character and give the
impression that effort and love has gone into the presentation of our homes. So I thought I
would share with you some of the budget busting ways to put your own stamp on your home.

Make some DIY home decorations

When it comes to your home, you want to try and add your own
personal style into the mix, and I can understand that. So you may want to consider
adding some DIY home decorations. Investing in some simple tools like
glue guns for arts and craft, paper and materials like fabrics, and even just a sketch book so you can
make a note of your ideas and you are good to go. Some of the home made details you can add
could be embellishments to plain curtains, adding details to photo frames,mor perhaps even using
odd bits of fabrics for patchwork cushions or bunting for a particular room in your home.
The options are endless and a quick scout online will soon have you brimming with ideas.

Dress your home to the seasons

Maybe you like to take inspiration from what is around you and there is no better way
to do that than through the seasons. Changing your home decor to match the different
seasons is a cheap and easy way to give your home a breath of fresh life. Whether you
add a bit of colour through cushions and soft furnishings in the summer, or add blankets and
warmer tones to add a bit of Hygge to your living areas in the autumn or winter, it is a great way to
feel like you are changing things up without it causing you to completely redecorate your home.

Create a feature wall instead of decorating your whole home

Decorating your whole home not only costs you money, but it also costs you your time.
Not all of us have days to dedicate to repainting a room everytime you fancy a change. So why not
make it half the job? A simple way to create a change in a room is to add a feature wall. There are a
few different ways you can do this, all with varying costs but none of which will really break the
bank. You could paint a wall a different colour then incorporate the colours in other ways. You
could wallpaper a wall in a different pattern or texture to add a different dimension to the room, or
even use pictures and photo frames to one wall and create a photo collage of all your favourite memories.

Invest in key pieces of furniture

There will always be areas where you can spend money in your home, but if you are
watching the amounts you are spending then try and only invest in key pieces in your home to
keep the costs down. This could be a new sofa for a living space or a new bed for a bedroom.
These are key pieces that draw attention from you and your guests, so getting them right is essential.
The others pieces can then be sourced and bought differently. You might even want to try charity
shops and websites like eBay to find some amazing bargains.

Take on different ideas to declutter and store items

Clutter is one thing that many people can have big problems with. It can make your home feel messy
and untidy without much doing from yourself. So take some time to try and declutter your home of all the
things you no longer want, love or need in your life. Once you have done that, then you can simply
invest in different storage ideas to try and find alternative ways to keep your home tidy. There are some
great methods of decluttering online to help you get started.

Have a neutral colour scheme and add colour through accessories

Finally, choose a neutral colour scheme for your home, whites, beige, creams or even pastel shades.
Doing this means that you only need decorate a few times, but you can easily change a style of the
room by injecting colour in other ways such as through accessories and soft furnishings. It is much
easy to change things this way than to repaint the walls if you suddenly are not keen on a colour.

I hope that these tips help you to put your own stamp on your home.

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