3 Home Hunting Tips

Each person has a unique and different idea of what the perfect new family home looks
like to them, and often it comes down to the feeling the home exudes rather than the intrinsic
aesthetic features.

When it comes to house hunting we are often focused on finding a good deal in financial terms,
but a home is much more than the bricks and mortar you purchase upon completion; it’s a feeling
and an energy that cannot be purchased - it must be generated by the owners.

Indeed, you can often walk into someone’s house that isn’t actually a home, and you can just feel
it - there’s a sort of vacant emptiness about the place that just doesn’t feel settled.  It might look the
part, and perhaps even be very comfortable with soft sheets and a memory foam pillow to ensure a
restful night’s sleep... but if the energy isn’t right, it doesn’t matter how comfortable you make your
house, as it will never truly feel like home.

In that vein, this article highlights some of the considerations you should take into account
before buying a new home in terms of property inspection tips that will help ensure you
end up buying your dream home rather than a dream house.

You will want to consider things such as whether your phone has full signal in the property, as
this can be a real pain point.  If your new house, or the entire area in which you are thinking of
moving to doesn’t have mobile signal there is little you can do about it, so it’s vital to check this
before purchasing the property.

The other thing you will want to consider is how fast the internet connection is within your new home,
as this can have a huge impact on most people’s lives today.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the social aspect of the property; in terms of whether it is a good
house for entertaining, or is it, for example, overlooked by the neighbours to the point that you’ll
never be able to have a private garden party without feeling watched.

A beautiful view can make a large difference in terms of creating a feeling of home.  Therefore, you will
want to consider the view as it currently is but also do some research in finding out how that view might
look in a few years time, should development work being to take place... as the last thing you want is to
buy a house thinking it has a wonderfully natural view to look out on from the kitchen window, to then
find diggers and cranes building a new housing estate.


Ideally, you will want to meet the neighbours before making a decision as they are often a much more
reliable source of information than the real estate agent who is trying to sell you the property;
moreover, not only is this a great way to get some insight into the house itself, but also the area
and the nature of the people you would be living next to.

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