4 Nesting Tips To Prepare Your Home Before Baby Comes

The excitement of expecting your first baby is a whirlwind. As a new parent, there are
so many new challenges ahead and so many tasks you must do in order to prepare for this new arrival
who is going to turn your life upside down. One of the most significant is making sure that your home is
ready. Before, where you live may have been perfectly suited to the comforts of your adult life, but having a
children means a few changes should be made to create a family-friendly home perfect to accommodate your new
brood. Here are four things to take a look at first…

1.Make It Safe and Secure

First things first, your home will need some changes making for the sake of child-proofing it and creating a safe,
secure environment to bring up your baby, worry-free. List out and address the big picture items first - does the
property need to be made more secure? This could include a new front door, a perimeter fence to enclose a garden and
even investing in a home security system. Use sources such as homesecuritysystem.co to audit how secure your property
really is.  Also do a thorough check of your smoke detectors and any carbon monoxide monitors and make sure they are
all in working order.

2.Babyproof Your Space

Next, look at items in the home, such as securing cupboard that contain chemical products, like washing power and bleach
with safety catches, adding corner cards to pieces of furniture at baby head height, and buying plug socket covers to stop
curious fingers poking into them. If you have stairs you will also need to fit stair gates to stop your children falling down.
It’s much better to sort these things in advance than waiting until you are sleep-deprived and dealing with a little one.

3.Target Germs

Little ones have very delicate immune systems, so use the time before the baby arrives to tackle any germ hotspots in the house.
Take the chance to have a big spring clean and pay thorough attention to area such as cutting boards, taps, light switches,
and your kitchen sink. Stock up on antibacterial wipes and sprays and keep them in all these hotspots, where you can
quickly grab them and disinfect as you go. Make a point of wiping these areas down at least once a week to keep yourself
and baby in good health.

4.Reorganise Your Environment

Babies come with a lot of accessories and these also need to be accommodated in your home, so use the weeks of
your pregnancy to do a thorough declutter. List any unwanted items on local Facebook selling groups or through
platforms such as eBay or Gumtree. Not only will you gain some much needed space, you may also raise some cash
which you can put towards all the baby equipment you’ll need. Have a clean- out of your fridge and make sure that
there is a hygienic space to store milk, a steriliser and other items for feeding the baby. Add some drawers to their room so
that you can pre-wash baby grows in non-bio washing powder in a few sizes and have them ready to go.

Have fun preparing for your new arrival!

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