Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Everyone loves dogs. Dogs are the most popular pet in the entire world,
and almost everyone you meet will have a furry friend at home. But why is it that dogs are our
best friends? How come these animals, in particular, have formed such a strong bond with humans
that we bring them into our home and our families? Well, here are some of the reasons why a
dog is your real bestie.

They don’t remember mistakes

When you have human friends, one of the most annoying things you have you deal with
is having an argument and them holding a grudge for days until you make up. With a dog you never
have to deal with this issue. If your dog does something wrong and you tell them off, sure,
they’ll be upset for a while, but after an hour or so they’ll be back on your lap hoping for a cuddle.

The remember kindness

Dogs do have a terrible memory when it comes to short-term events, however, they have
wonderful long-term memories and they will always remember the bond you both share together. If you
are always kind to your furry friend they will be the best pet in the whole world.

They’ll defend you

Your dog will always be protective of you because, for them, you are part of their pack. You are their
entire life and they will make sure that you are always happy. If anyone ever shouts at you or tries to
start a fight, your dog will be there in an instant to scare them away. They care about you because
they love you. You can thank them for their kindness with treats from my happy pooch and show them
that you’ve always got their back too.

They know when you are unwell

If you are ever feeling unwell or upset, you can count on the fact that your dog will pay
extra care to you and give you plenty of cuddles. Dogs can detect our emotions and they can also
detect things like illness, cancer, and pregnancy. They will respond to the way you
are feeling and they will look after you until you are better. No matter what state you are in your
dog will always be there to cheer you up.

They’ll make you fit

If you have been struggling for a long time to get fit and lean for the summer, get yourself a
dog! The beauty of dogs is that they will force you to leave the house and go for a walk. You won’t have
a choice in the matter because your dog needs exercise every day to stay healthy. You can visit a
local park and bring a frisbee with you to play for a while in the sun. You’ll both be super fit and healthy
in no time at all.

You’ll never be alone

You can guarantee with a dog that you won’t ever feel alone. When you brush your teeth in the morning
they will be there; when you eat your dinner, they will be there; when you go for a shower, they will be
there! Your dog will always follow you everywhere but it means that you always have a friend
wherever you go.

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