Better Ways to Use Your Basement

The basement is an extra room in your home, which can be used in a multitude of different ways.
Some people like to keep them for storage purposes and that is fine, but why not make turn it
into something more useful or something that will give pleasure to the whole family.

An Extra Bedroom

A basement can be turned into an extra bedroom at very little cost, particularly if it has some natural
light from windows. It could be that as your family grows children that have been happy to share now
want their own bedroom, or it could be used when visitors stay overnight. You’ll need to declutter, and
Ideally, it would have its own toilet and shower room, making it the perfect place for your teenagers to
invite their friends without encroaching on your privacy.

A Home Theater

The option of having a home theater, of which the Home Theater Experts, can recommend the perfect
one, is becoming more popular every year, and a basement is the perfect place for one. As long as you
have a wall big enough for a decent sized screen and room for a few comfy chairs, you and your guests
could spend many happy evenings watching films and programs of your choice.

No worries about queuing to get in, or having to make your way home afterwards. You can watch your
favorite movies in the comfort of your own home.

It Could Be A Gym

Some people love the idea of having a gym in their own home as they are able to fit in using it
around other commitments.  It can also be much cheaper, if several family members want to use the
gym, the monthly membership fees for places like Anytime Fitness can amount to quite a bit of money.
This way, the whole family gets to go to the gym for free, and to use it whenever they want.

A Playroom

How many times have you wished your children had somewhere to play other than under your feet. If
the weather is bad and they cannot go outside, a basement can make a brilliant playroom. They can
have all their games down their, their books and anything else they want. As they get older, the things
they take down will change to digital devices, so make sure your Internet connection works in the

It is also good when you have visitors with children, as they can all disappear and you can sit back
and relax with your guests.

A Den

Just sometimes, parents need a space of their own. They need to be able to go somewhere that they will not be bothered every five minutes because everyone knows they are in ‘the den’ and should be left alone unless there is an emergency. Men tend to have a den more often than women, but women are just as likely to need a break and so the best sort of den is a shared one.

These are just a few suggested uses for your basement; there is no end of things you could use it for.  Just consider what you would so if you had an extra room in your home, and then see if that would work in your basement.

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