Ways to Reclaim the Space in Your Home

Space is at a premium in most homes, The more square footage you want to own, the
more money you have to pay for it, which means that quite a lot of us have far too much
stuff and far too little space to store it or even to live our lives as we see fit. It shouldn’t
have to be this way, and actually, it doesn’t! There are numerous things that anyone can do
to reclaim the space in their homes and have the kind of clean,clutter-free rooms they dream
of and allow them to live their best lives.

If that sounds good to you, check out these great ideas for reclaiming the space in your home
right now:

Kick that Clutter to the Curb

The simplest and most obvious way to reclaim lots of space in your home is to take a leaf
out of your minimalist friends’ book and get rid of as much of that clutter as you can.
Pay for a skip bin hire and then get ruthless about throwing away everything that you
do not need, love or particularly want. Most of us hold on to way more stuff than we actually
need and spend most of the time ignoring it, so this is not nearly as much of a wrench as you
might think, and when you see how much more floor space you have to do yoga, play with the kids or
add a new piece of furniture that you really do enjoy, well you won’t care about all of that clutter one
little bit.

Oh, and don’t just automatically throw everything in the skip either. You should always try to recycle,
sell or donate any clutter that you no longer want, but which may be useful to others.

Seek Out Those Hidden Spaces

Although most of us spend a whole lot of time in our homes, it’s surprising how little acquainted many
of us are with all of those nooks and crannies we have in the place. Most of us, if we were to look
carefully, would be able to find lots of places where we could store the stuff we do want to keep
around and free up more space for living. For example, the area under the stairs could be fitted with
shelves and used instead of a bookcase, removing the need for a bulky piece of furniture or the
space above the kitchen cabinets could be used to store pots, pans, mugs and utensils, thus freeing
up more counter space. These are just two examples, but I think you get the idea of what could be
possible when you look at your home in a whole new light.

Know Down Some Walls

You’d be surprised how much space the walls in your home take up, so if it’s extra floor
space you’re looking for, you might want to consider knocking down some of the walls
that are not load bearing. They will dramatically change the way your home looks, giving you a
spacious open plan space to luxuriate in, and more importantly, they will give you a chance to
switch up the home decor. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone and it will lead to some upheaval,
but it could be an excellent way to reclaim your space.

Create Specific Zones

If going open plan isn’t an option, but you want your home to feel as spacious and clutter-free as
possible, one thing you could do is create separate zones for every activity. So, if you have kids
who love to paint, set aside one area of the kitchen where they can do that and place activity-
based storage in that area only, do the same for your yoga practice, your other half's gaming habit,
the dog’s play area and so on, and although you may still have a lot of stuff, the place will be far
more organized and you will somehow still have more space than you would have with a less
regimented way of living.

Set Yourself Up with Storage Furniture

Storage furniture is a godsend for those of us who have books, records, clothing, etc. That we
absolutely do want to hold onto, but which clutters up the space and leaves us with less room for
living. If your coffee tables has shelves, you have the perfect place to store books; if your ottoman
has a storage area, keeping sheets and blankets out of sight is easy and if your bed has storage,
along with a few vacuum packed bags, you have the perfect place to store your out of season clothing.
The space will be amazingly tidy if you choose your furniture well.

Have a One in One Out Rule

Lots of minimalists have a rule that every time they buy something they new get rid of another. So,
if you buy a new blender, you’ll have to get ridof oneofthose kitchen gadgets that you never really use.
This is a great way of staying on top of clutter and managing your space so that possessions don’t build
up excessively and you can always take full advantage of the space availableto you.

Rent a Storage Unit

If all else fails and you simply cannot part with lots of the stuff that is causing your home to be so
cluttered, you could always think about renting a storage unit. It’s far cheaper than building an
additional garage or extending your home, and it will allow you to hold onto all of that stuff you
think you need. As a plus, once it's in there and you come to realize that you never even think about it,
let alone use it, it makes it far easier for you to get rid once and for all.

Space should not be a luxury, but for many of us, it feels exactly like that. By using some of the ideas
above, you can reclaim your space and never have to feel cramped or boxed in again. It’s such a
liberating feeling that it is definitely worth making the effort.

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