Camping Hacks Every Festivalgoer Needs To Know

Summer is here and its festival season. Festival veterans will know that camping at these
events can be an ordeal. Here are some tips to keep your festival experience fun.

Shop for a tent that’s light and easy to assemble

The perfect festival tent should be lightweight and easy to assemble. You may have to
walk a fair distance from the carpark to reach your pitch, which is why you don’t want a heavy tent.
Easy assembly meanwhile can allow you to get your tent set up quickly so that you can then relax.
Sites like 4WD Supacentre have some awesome easy-assembly tents. Practice putting up your
tent at home so that you know exactly what to expect.

Bring a balloon or flag to help find your tent

Festival campsites can be difficult to negotiate late at night (especially when tanked up on booze).
Bringing a flag or balloon could help you to find your way – you can place this near your tent and you
and your campmates will be able to see it from a distance.

Create DIY lanterns with a bottle of water and a headlamp

You may want to stay out and socialise after dark. A headlamp wrapped around a bottle of water
makes an excellent light that can be hung from a tent allowing you to all see each other and have a

Bring a portable charger for your phone

Your phone battery is unlikely to last the whole festival and whilst there may be charging points
around the festival grounds, these are likely to be busy and may require you to pay. A portable
charger can allow you to charge up your phone from your tent so that you can always keep in contact
with people. The likes of Tech Radar offer information on some of the top portable chargers out there.

Bring a cooler for cold drinks

You don’t want to be keeping beers and soft drinks in your tent as they’re likely to get warm. Bringing a
cooler with some ice-packs in can help you to keep your drinks cool so that you don’t have to drink warm

Pack some wipes and spray-on shampoo

Many festivals now have wash facilities, however you can expect large queues and sometimes a
charge for using them. Bringing some wipes and spray-on shampoo can help you to feel a little less
disgusting on those mornings where you don’t want to have queue up to use the showers. It’s also
worth noting that you should bring your own toilet paper/hand soap – the portaloos are likely to run out

Find creative places to hide your valuables

Thieves often target festivals – it’s very easy to break into a tent and steal any valuables that may be lying there. Try to keep all valuables on you when possible – a bumbag is often the best form of storage. You can also stash valuable at the bottom of your sleeping bag whilst sleeping or alternatively put them under your tent. Don’t bother padlocking your tent as this just tells thieves you’ve got valuables inside and it’s all too easy to break into a tent with a penknife.

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