Keeping Your Cat Safe From Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitos

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Having an outdoor cat it's important to me to protect her from mosquitos, fleas & ticks. She comes in at night, but she is out all day and I want to make sure she is safe from the diseases that these things can carry and transmit. 
I don't like using chemicals for the fear of her having a reaction or burn to her skin, so I was super happy when I found out that carries a natural and organic defense for cats! It's amazing and I was excited to try it out!

Easy defense is an easy way to protect your cats from mosquitos, fleas & ticks using herbal products. A box contains a 3 month supply and you simply put one application on each month. The tubes are easy to open, easy to squeeze and apply as well as offers a pleasing smell. There's no harsh chemical smell.

I put it on her in the beginning of the month so that I could give you guys the best review possible for a more accurate test! Since applying this on her I have not seen one tick on her at all! She does not have any fleas (which says a lot because she goes into the woods behind us and who knows what she rolls in) and she hasn't been itching whatsoever from any mosquito bites. We have a lot of mosquitos here because we live by the water, so it's important to me for her to be protected. 

She did not have any type of reactions to this, didn't give me a hard time about putting it in her fur and I love that there's no chemicals!

There's no pesticides or any toxins, it simply works with a combination of herbal ingredients to create a pleasant scent that fleas, ticks & mosquitos don't like. 

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