New Looks For Older Homes

Modernizing an older property can be fraught with difficulties. After all, you have to ensure that you retain the structural integrity of the building, as well as survive the disruption, and design the living space that you truly want. However, it can be so worth it because living in a more mature and characterful property that is brought up to modern standards can be delightful. Therefore, with that in mind check out our guide on how to achieve such a home renovation below. Doors and windows One of the most straightforward ways to give an older property a facelift is to replace the windows and doors. The reason that doing this is so effective is that it can instantly make your home seem more light and modern without having to do anythingat all to the inside. In fact, good windows will allow more light into the building which can be a significant issue in older properties, and modern windows and doors will also provide added security as well as an aesthetic boost. Image link Also, you will be happy to know that replacing window and doors is one of those jobs that is pretty simple to get sorted as well. In fact, you can go online and even click here for window replacements, or search on the web for new doors and frames that will suit and compliment your current home. Although, if you do buy the supplies yourself, you will need to measure the size of the space carefully that they will need to fill. Also, it important to remember that fitting windows and doors can be a little tricky if you DIY it. It's not that it can't be done, and you can get some advice on how to do this useful in the video below. It's just that getting the doors to swing correctly and the windows in and out without breakages can be a little challenging. Something that means it may be better to leave it to for the professionals if you are looking to cut down on the effort and hassle it will cause you.


Skim, paint, and paper walls Next, it is common in more mature properties to find uneven, aging, and cracking plaster on the walls. This issue contributes to a feeling of the place being run down and in poor condition and needs to be addressed if you are looking to give your home a more modern and pleasant ambiance. In particular, many older walls will need skimming. Skimming is where the plaster is applied to give a perfectly flat finish. It is also an excellent opportunity to add in new skirting boards in a modern, fashionable style to bring your property up to date. Once you have repaired any cracks or holes in the wall and have had the surface re-skimmed you are then free to choose to paint the wall, or wallpaper it as you see fit. Image link Of course, traditionally wallpaper is seen as a more sympathetic choice in an older home because it can be matched to the period that the house dates from. However, if you are looking to a create a more modern and on-trend look graphic, bold wallpapers and paints can also be applied very successfully.


Use masking tape to create a sizeable angular block of color in a room, or pick a large repeating patterned paper design and use it in a single wall for impact and opulence. Replace flooring After the
walls are complete, it is essential to get the floors sorted as well. Sadly in an older home, the floor is often in need of a substantial amount of work to make it safe and aesthetically pleasing. The reason for this is because it is not uncommon for older floors to be uneven and as such, they need straightening out before a new floor can be laid. Picture here Although, the advantage of this is that it is a prime time to install underfloor heating which can be done with hot water or electric elements. Something that can help you heat your home in a much more efficient, way as make it a lot more comfortable to live in. When choosing the correct floor for your home renovation, you must think about the practicality of the material. Often homeowners get carried away by the look of stone or slate but forget that such materials can be too hard for everyday family living spaces. Instead, it may be better to consider a hardwood floor if you are going for a more traditional look, and even a carpeted area if you want to bring things as up to date as possible. Modern decorative schemes Speaking of bringing things up to date, there is something to be said for taking an old building and lovingly restoring it on the outside, but making the inside space much more modern.


There are several ways to do this as well, including using things like mid-century and Scandi decor,
and event knocking through walls to create a much more contemporary open plan living space. However, if you do choose to go down the latter route, you must make sure that any walls you plan to remove are not supporting the structure of the building as a whole. Otherwise, you could make the building itself unsafe and will need to add additional supports that could comprise the look you are going for anyway. Smart additions Image source Lastly, a fantastic way to bring an older property into the 21st century is to include some SMART features. You may choose to go for some of the more obviously electronically controlled automatic items such as a garage door that is activated with a beeper, but you certainly don't have to stop there. In fact, it is almost possible to automate everything and control the workings of your home straight from your phone. This means that you can alter the temperature, turn on the lights, close the curtains, and even switch on the kettle or washing machine all at the touch of a button. You don't even need to be inside the house either! Something that means your more mature property can be brought up to date easily, and with style.

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