Homely Touches That Take no Time at All

Green Everywhere

Plants can give a space instant appeal, colour, and life. They have also been found to be active mood boosters. So it’s essential that you introduce some into your new home. You could add a terrarium with cactus onto the window ledge in your kitchen. Or a large and fresh bouquet of flowers on a coffee table or mantlepiece. While they might not smell, fake flowers can also have a positive impact on a new home. So head to your local supermarket, a florist or even to your back garden to bring some flower power into your home. You should also look for vases or jugs if you haven’t got any already. Even the rooms you don’t use often can benefit from flowers and plants. Just remember to water them regularly and display them somewhere with plenty of natural light to help them last longer.

A Cuter Front Door

Your front door creates a first impression for the rest of your home. So if it isn’t currently giving the feeling you would like, you need to do something about it. There are many things you can do to give your door a unique look and feel. You could give it a lick of paint, in a colour that suits the house and your tastes more. Bright colours such as blues and reds work well with traditional style doors. Whereas black and grey are popular choices if you have a modern front door. You could also replace the hardware such as the handle, knocker and house number. Make sure the paint and hardware complement each other for a more professional result. If you haven’t already, this could also be a prime opportunity to have the locks changed too.

Artwork & Photos

Hanging some artwork on the walls in your new home is another option you have. We all have different tastes when it comes to art and having it on display can instantly make a house seem more personal. Particularly if you display family photographs, try snap frames. It can also add colour and interest to rooms that are looking a little bare. Even if they are only up temporarily, they can assist you in creating a more welcoming and cosy home. Many homeowners put off doing this simple task in fear of damaging the walls before everything is planned out and unpacked. While this is wise, it could leave you with a home that feels cold and dull. So why not use temporary hanging solutions that don’t cause holes. They can also be quickly moved around and removed when you start the decorating process.

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