Essential Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Ahh, summer. The season of long, hazy days, warm, balmy evenings that stretch on into the night
and socialising - pool parties, backyard barbecues, picnics and pizza parties. Summer is when we
use our homes to entertain others the most. So it makes sense to start off with a little essential
home maintenance. This will ensure that your home is ready for summer and all the fun things you’d
like to do with it over the coming months. Here are the seasonal essentials for getting home up to
speed for the summer:

Book An AC Tune-Up

With guests and yourself in and out of the house, and the mercury rising, you’re relying on air
conditioning more than ever. High summer would be the worst time for it to develop a problem or
break - so make sure you book in some air conditioning repair with a trusted local firm.
You can get the unit tuned up and serviced, and any problems from last year fixed to
prevent emergencies. Your unit’s refrigerant levels will be checked, which is important in
order to keep your AC working efficiently and may also help to lower your electric bills.
Changing out the filters, ensuring the fan is running correctly, checking over wiring to
ensure none is faulty and cleaning the coils can also help with the smooth running of the unit.

Dive Into Pool Maintenance

Chances are, if you have a pool, it will be the focus for a lot of your summer social activity - from lazy
solo days sitting around it with a book, to kids splashing in and out, you don’t want your pool to be
out of action or in a bad condition so that it can’t be used. It could be six months or more since the
pool has been used, so it may need a bit of TLC. Start by cleaning it out thoroughly while drained
using a disinfectant solution to kill off any bacteria or algae. Next, have someone repaint or repair
any chipped or damaged tiling. Refill the pool, fill it up and level the water. Check all the pump
units and filters to make sure they are operating correctly, and rebalance the chemicals to keep the
pool sparkling. You want to have this complete at least a week before using the pool to ensure the
water is safe to use and won’t irritate skin. If you have to replace any pumps, research new
energy-efficient pool pump models that can help to reduce your electric bills.

Deep Clean Your Exterior

Next, dig out or hire a pressure-washer. This you can use to deep-clean the exterior of the house, wash the windows, hose down any patio or decking areas, and also clean summer items such as outdoor furniture, barbecues and more. Before you do the house, it's important to make sure that all windows and doors are sealed and any electric outlets are covered, to prevent damage. Washing the house frontage will not only make it look like new, but it prevents mildew, dirt and stains. After pressure washing, assess the interior and repaint it if necessary. This keeps the house looking great and maintains the exterior of your home nicely.

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