Creating the Perfect Country Home

Moving to the country can come as a bit of a culture shock for those who have lived in the city for their
entire lives. Tranquil living really does come as a contrast to the hustle, bustle, noise, and pollution of
urban spaces. Now, it won’t take long for you to let your hair down and grow used to the peace and
quiet. But you may have a bit of a harder time when it comes to making your country home a space
that you feel happy with and comfortable in. Why? Well, country homes are pretty different to city
homes and you may have a harder time knowing what to do with all the space! Inner cities have
limited space and the cramped design of properties there reflects this. The country has more land to
spare, so you’re likely to find yourself with larger rooms and may be unsure what to do with them. It
also doesn’t help that almost every interior design blog or article tends to give advice aimed at those
living in inner cities with apartments, studio flats, and townhouses, so you may find yourself
struggling for inspiration. But not to worry. Here are a few different ways to create a perfect country

Move Your Existing Belongings In

First things first, you should focus on moving your existing belongings in. This will give you a good
idea of what you are working with. A reliable moving company like will not only be
able to get your belongings from your old place to your new place, but they will be able to shift them
from the van to the inside of your new property. If you decide that something doesn’t look quite right
where you first thought it should go, they’ll be able to help you move it into a more appropriate
location or position. Once you have all of your things in the house, you will have a much better idea of
what excess space you have to work with.

Invest In Extra Furniture

If you find that your rooms are looking a bit sparse, you can start to invest in extra furniture.
This is one of the main luxuries of country living. While your inner city apartment might have
limited your bedroom to having a bed and a wardrobe, you may now be able to invest in a
dressing table, a set of drawers, and a bookshelf. While your last living space might have only
been able to accommodate a two seat sofa and a small coffee table, you may now have the
space for a three piece suite and a matching armchair. While you might have previously ate your
meals from your lap, you could now have the space free for an actual dining table. The possibilities
are endless!

Now, you may find a large apartment in the inner city and a small house in the country, but
generally speaking, people do have a lot more space to work with in rural locations and these are
just a couple of ways to deal with this change! Work the space to your advantage!

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