6 Reasons To Declutter Right Now

There are an awful lot of articles, tips, tricks and hacks on how to declutter your home.
It’s one of the most searched for things to do, and since the KonMari method of decluttering
became popular, it’s a virtual pastime for changing seasons, new babies on the way and even
for just a Friday afternoon. If you’ve never really thought about decluttering, it wouldn’t have ever
crossed your mind to start doing it yourself.
There are plenty of times in life you would need to declutter, whether you’re packing up with
metcalfmoving.com and upgrading your house, or you’re getting married and need to make
some space for your new partner to move in with you. The reasons that you choose to declutter
often depend on your life’s circumstances at the time, but even if life isn’t moving in anyway and
you’re just ticking along, you can still take the time to declutter your home. Here’s 6 reasons you
shouldn’t wait, and you should start right now.
Stack of magazines & pencils in gray cup

More Space. No one needs thirty pairs of shoes, right? Especially when your shoes are taking up
very valuable closet space. It doesn’t matter whether you need more space to work, to store
new clothes or simply to refurbish a space – decluttering gives you more space for whatever you want.
Importance. Sifting through all your belongings means that you have to be ruthless about the things
that are important to you. You have to choose the way that you spend your time with each belonging
carefully. You wouldn’t waste time with a fifteen-year-old t-shirt, so don’t waste any time replacing it.
New Tastes. As you age, your tastes change. You spend time changing as a person and thus, your
tastes go along with that. You can use your decluttering session to see what’s truly important to you
and whether you have the same tastes as before. When you don’t relate to an item anymore, you can
throw it out.
Cash Money. Everyone loves cash, let’s not pretend we all don’t. A solid decluttering session can
see you selling quite a bit of your stuff that you don’t need. You can choose to save this cash, or you
can buy new!
Easy Cleaning. The more you get rid of, the easier your house is to clean. Decluttering doesn’t just
mean clothing; less furniture and trinkets means less to dust and clear away every day. This means
you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your home and hobbies.
Freedom. Moving to a new home is far harder when you have clutter being moved with you. Packing
up to go is going to be easy when you have less to pack and take along. Even if you never want to
move to another house, you can still stand to get rid of the things that you don’t want or use anymore
for your own peace of mind.

Enjoy your refreshed home that you created yourself, simply by getting rid of the excess.

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