Can You Feel Pretty Au Naturel?

There’s an interesting concept about natural beauty. A lot of people tend to assume that having a natural beauty means being blessed
with gorgeousness with effort or care. In reality, you need to consider the other meaning of natural – aka a beauty without artifice –
to fully understand the potential of embracing your au naturel appearance. Indeed, it’s not a matter of going out without makeup and hoping for the best.
It’s about taking care of yourself so that you don’t need to rely on makeup and artificial gears to highlight your best features. So, if you’re ready to go
au naturel, here are some ideas to get you started.

Prepare your face to shine
The main features that attract the eyes on your face are your skin and your eyebrows. So, they are, naturally, the features that
need to receive your main attention. You can organize for regular beauty treatments at your favorite salon to keep your skin clear
and your eyebrows on trend – offers excellent microblading options
for cleanly defined brows that perfectly highlight your eyes. Indeed, going without makeup doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
go without the help of beauty professionals! If you’re struggling with facial hair, make sure to book for regular upper lip epilation – fortnightly to monthly – with a trusted professional.

Best natural beauty routine
One of the most important steps of feeling pretty au naturel is to give your skin a natural treatment. Indeed, too many
beauty products contain a lot of chemicals which are, ultimately, harmful to your skin. For instance, a lot of women can struggle with dry or
itchy skin as a result of chemical ingredients – which can lead to the purchase of additional products containing more chemicals!
It can be a vicious circle until you switch to products with natural ingredients, which are not only gentle on the skin but also cheaper
if you make them yourself. Besides, if you still need convincing, you can think of your environmental footprint!

Looking after your skin
The best skincare you can get is preventive. You need to nourish your skin to avoid any outbreak or irritation.
If you’re unsure what you can eat, you need to avoid greasy food and high sugar contents. This website gives you helpful guidelines to
adjust your diet for a better skin complexion, Ultimately,
the secret to using less makeup is to ensure that your skin is clear and healthy. It comes as no surprise that fresh fruits and vegetables are an
essential factor of health.

Can you go without makeup professionally?
Lastly, the most critical question you need to ask yourself is whether you feel confident leaving the house without makeup.
In a professional environment, it can be difficult for women not to wear makeup, however as more and more women
are embracing the no makeup trend, you will meet less criticism about it. Ultimately, there are still sectors where you will
be expected to wear makeup if it’s part of your professional uniform – such as Sephora sale team. But you don’t have to worry about
comments in the board meeting! Feminists have got your back!

There is no denying that with the right care and treatment, you can ditch your makeup and foundation products. However,
there’s a big difference between being pretty au naturel and
feeling it. If wearing makeup makes you feel more secure or presentable, there’s nothing forcing you to stop!

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