Got the Summer Blues? Cheer Yourself Up From The Outside In

We all know that the winter can take a toll on our mental health. The cold, wet and windy
weather and lack of natural light can cause our mood to take a nosedive in the form of
Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yet, while this is a widely recognized phenomenon,
few are as aware that the summer can also take a psychological toll. The common
assumption is that as we get more and more access to natural light, the local foliage starts to
bloom and the air is infused with a sense of optimism and positivity that we will all start to feel better.
While this may be true for many, there are still some who are afflicted by the summer blues. Here
we’ll take a closer look at this rarely explored phenomenon and look at some ways in which you can
improve your mood by improving your surroundings…

Knowing the signs of the summer blues

The summer blues or, to call it by it’s true name, Summer-Onset Seasonal Affective Disorder is a
legitimate condition that many people ignore or fail to treat because.. Well… We’re supposed to be
happy around the summertime, right? But if you notice the following symptoms, you may be in the
throes of this oft-misunderstood illness;

  • Everything seems louder and more chaotic. Colors seem more vivid, noises seem louder and
  • everything feels a bit too much.

  • You feel too jittery to eat, sleep or follow your usual routine.
  • You feel under constant pressure to get out and enjoy yourself more (even though you
  • really don’t want to).

  • You really, really struggle to sleep.
  • Everyone seems happier and like they’re having more fun than you.
  • All those people in their skimpy summer clothes merely exacerbate your body issues.

If these symptoms seem achingly familiar, your home may just be your greatest remedy. Your
home is a place where you can feel safe and centered and with just a few little tweaks can be made
much more conducive to your mental health…

Paint your mind better

A clean and tidy home is a natural aid to a healthy mind. But you may not know that the color you
paint on your walls can have a hugely positive effect on your mental health, especially when it
interacts with the influx of natural light coming from outside, so call the House Painters as soon as
possible. The best colors for a restful and happy mind include green (evokes nature which is a
proven mood booster), turquoise (promotes a feeling of calm and cleansing), indigo (promotes
peace as well as aiding cognition and positive thought).   

The power of plants

For many, the fears and anxieties that are a big part of the summer blues stem from an anxiety
around going outside. This precludes us from plants, trees and flowers which are known to be
proven mood boosters. So, why not bring them into your home. They can oxygenate the room they
occupy and provide a sense of peace, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Smells like serenity

Never underestimate the impact of scent upon our mental state. Essential oils in diffusers are great
ways to make staying indoors much more pleasant and restful. Cedar, sandalwood and vanilla can
be warm and comforting, jasmine and ylang ylang can be sensual and citrus or peppermint can aid

So the next time you start to feel the summer blues, make your home your medicine.

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