4 Things You Need To Get Before Moving House

When the kids start getting bigger and the family home starts getting more cramped by the day, it
might be time to move. Finding a new house and selling the old one is always a bit of a pain but the
thing that most parents dread the most is moving day. When the time comes to pack everything up and
move to a new place, you’ll have to deal with getting everything organised, setting up the new house
and helping the kids adjust to their new surroundings. It can be a difficult process but these 4 things
can help you make it go a lot smoother.

A Babysitter

Packing up all of your stuff and organising the move is always stressful but things
are a thousand times harder if you’re trying to look after the kids at the same time.
If they’re a bit older you might be able to get them to help, otherwise, it might be best to
keep them out of the way. Find a good babysitter or ask friends or family members if they can look
after the kids for a few days while you sort everything out and get the new house set up.

A Storage Unit

If you take everything over at once, you’ll be drowning in boxes while you try to set up the new house.
It’s far more manageable if you get a storage container and put everything non-essential in there.
Take everything that you need to get by for the first couple of days and store the rest. Once you’ve
settled in, you can start gradually bringing the rest of your things over and putting them in the house.
This is especially helpful if you’re going to be repainting some of the rooms. You’ll have to move
everything out of the room while you do it anyway so if you just leave it in storage until you’re done, it
makes life a lot easier for you. It’s also a great opportunity to get rid of a load of clutter from the house;
when you’re bringing things back over, ask yourself whether you actually need it or not. If you don’t,
get rid of it. Your new house will be far better organised if you get rid of all the junk that you had at the
old place.

Cleaning Products

You’d hope that the last owners will have left the house in a good state but you can’t always be sure.
The first thing you want to do when you get there is clean the place, especially the kitchen and
bathrooms, before you start moving everything in. If you take a load of cleaning stuff with you, you
can do it right away without having to mess around going out to buy everything.

A Label Maker

There’s nothing worse than searching through every single box to find a saucepan so you
can cook some dinner, only to find it in the very last box you looked in. That’s why a label maker is
such a great idea. Pack everything in a logical order so the most important things are on the top of the
pile and label every single box so you can easily find the stuff you’ll need when you first arrive at the

Without these 4 essentials, your move will be a lot more stressful than it needs to be.

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