How Water Damage Can Affect the Value of Your Home

You can’t really help it if your home happens to experience water damage. After all, sometimes you
will leave the bath tap on and forget about it, and it is also very easy for a clogged sink to overflow as
well. The main thing that you have to remember here is that water damage can be devastating to your
home, and one small leak can soon turn into a huge problem. For that reason, if you want to really
protect the value of your home, you need to deal with any issues as soon as possible.

Rotten Floorboards

When you have a leaking pipe, the water will continually drip onto the floor. This could even be a leak
that you are not aware of if it is behind the toilet or sink, but the results are still the same. When the
water is constantly hitting the floor, it will eventually be absorbed into the flooring and then the
floorboards. When this happens, the floorboards will start to rot under the moist conditions and in
very severe situations, they may even snap or crumble underneath you. If you know that you have a
water problem then consider calling a professional. Emergency plumbers should be able to help you

Health Problems

Constant exposure to water can create mould issues. The slightest bit of damp or even a very
small leak can easily create a breeding ground for bacteria and this is not good for your health at all. You
may start to see mould patches in your bathroom and you may even start to see them in the rooms
below, if the water exposure has been happening over a long period of time. This is the last thing
that you need if you suffer from respiratory issues, and it can also have a serious impact on the
health of you and the people who are looking around your property.

Foundation Problems

And lastly, water damage can cause foundation problems. Nobody wants to buy a property that has
foundation issues, unless it is a very, very cheap property. If you live in an area where water rises to
the surface then this may push on the foundation, causing hydrostatic pressure. This is powerful and
continuous. It could even be enough to really cause damage to your home and the worst thing is
that you may not even know about it until the damage has been done. There are things that you
can do about this, such as having a sump installed or even restructuring your
foundation in general.

Bugs and Other Pests

If you have a rotting wooden beam due to water exposure then this can be a safe haven for bugs
and pests. You may find that they burrow into the soft wood and they can quickly overpopulate.
Nobody wants to see bugs crawling around when they go to look around a property and they also
don’t want to deal with the after-effects of them either. For this reason, you need to put the work in to
make sure that the problem doesn’t get out of control.

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