Ancient to Awesome: 6 Style Switches to Make Your Home Happier

Your home has been your place of sanctuary for several years now, but recently you have started to notice a
few flaws. Admittedly, your house is quite old, but you have always found ways to bring a modern twist to it.
You are passionate about discovering new looks for older homes, so you always make an effort to give your
house a makeover whenever it needs it. The time has come to refine your home’s style and truly transform it
from ancient to awesome in a few simple steps. Grab some inspiration from here and get started on your
project right now!
1. Roof
You don’t often think about your roof as being an important feature of your home, but it can really make or break
the ambience if you don’t get it just right. There are a tonne of styles and options to choose from which will
enhance the contemporary and modern feel you have been looking for. Metal roofing designs are becoming
extremely popular, as it gives off an authentic industrial vibe. Give your home the shabby chic look it
deserves, simply by rethinking your roof!

Brown house with blue roof in front of trees with rays of the setting sun streaming through them

2. Garden
Overgrown weeds, empty flower beds and unmown grass, that’s what your garden
tends to look like when you haven’t given it the love and attention it deserves for a few months.
Your garden deserves to be gorgeously green so put your own creative flair into it. Feed the luscious
lawn and plant some vibrant flowers to brighten up your backyard. Just a hint of color from yellow
sunflowers or scarlet red poppies could truly transform your groggy garden into a grand one.
3. Flooring
Tattered old carpets need to be a thing of the past, so pull them all up and throw them away now!
Expose your rustic hardwood floors and add a hint of gloss to make them gleaming again.
Wooden flooring is timeless, so once you have it all in place, it will last you for years to come.
4. Windows
As well as styling out your home, you should also consider going greener with your design choices.
If you haven’t had new windows for a while you might be letting in a cold draught on a regular basis.
It is true that insulation is so important, so get some new wonderful windows installed. You will not only
be saving energy, but you will also be giving your home an innovative and stylish design.
5. Walls
A lick of neutral paint will brighten up any dull room instantly. Choose a matte finish for a sleek and stylish vibe,
or go glossier if you’re looking to ramp up the glamour.
6. Door
Your front door truly tells the whole story of your home, so choose a color to express you and your
family’s personality. Whether you’re a mellow lemon yellow or a brightly bold blue, you can make your home
look more chic just by changing up your front door.

Awesomeness is just around the corner, so wave goodbye to the old ancient vibes and say hello to your
new chic and stylish sanctuary!

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