5 Ways To Make Your Beach Holiday More Active

There’s more to do on a beach holiday than lazing around and catching the sun. Here are five ways to
enjoy an active holiday by the beach.  
Play beach games

There are plenty of beach games that could be perfect for entertaining kids on a family holiday
whilst keeping everyone active. Beach volleyball is the most obvious – some strips have nets
specially set up for playing on, but it’s possible just to use a beach ball and an imaginary net. If you’ve
got buckets you can try doing races from the sea up to the beach – the aim is to beat the other person
without spilling to much seawater on the way. Other games could include frisbee, mini golf and tug of

Join a beach fitness class

In many places around the world you can take part in fitness classes on the beach. One of the most
popular is beach yoga – almost every beach resort around the world has a yoga class. For something a
little more hardcore, you could even try a beach boot camp which involves a range of exercises on the
beach each day – why lose weight before you go on holiday when you can lose weight whilst you’re
there? Boot Camp Marbella is one company that offers these extreme vacations for those up to the

Go snorkelling

Snorkelling is fantastic for checking out the local marine life. In many tropical regions, there are
impressive reefs that you can take a boat out to and snorkel. Investing in a top quality mask such
as the Ninja Shark full face snorkel mask could allow you to get an experience similar to scuba diving.
Of course, those that are willing to get their PADI license can go the extra mile and giving scuba
diving a go – in many coastal destinations it’s possible to learn to dive there and then.

Try a watersport

Many beach resorts have a range of watersports to try that could allow you to stay active whilst getting
an adrenaline rush. Such activities could include surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, paragliding, a
banana boat ride, kayaking or paddleboarding. Companies such as Aquatic Jetpacks even offer an
experience called flyboarding, which essentially allows you to experience flying a jet pack in the water.
Other companies may offer a wide variety of watersports to try and may be able to give you deals for
trying out multiple ones.

Go for a hike          

There are many coastlines around the world that are excellent for a scenic hike. This could allow you to
explore the coves and various coastal sight whilst keeping fit in the process. If you ever get too tired
and hot you’ve always got the sea to cool off in. Beaches with paths or roads on the side could even
be perfect for a cycle trip if you’d rather travel by bike.

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