Weather This Summer On A Budget, No Matter The Heat

Humans are contrary animals; we spend all year dreaming of hot weather, BBQs, beating sun, and being able to
eat and walk outside. However, when the summer rolls around, we do nothing about complaining about how hot
we are and how we would love it to cool down only a little and then it would be perfect! Well, while I can’t do
anything about human nature, I can help you to weather this summer, and even enjoy it no matter how hot it
gets, all without spending a fortune. Keep reading to find out how.

Use sunscreen.

Sunscreen isn't expensive, in fact, you can go to the dollar store and get a perfectly usable brand in a high factor,
so there is no excuse for not using the stuff every day in the summer.

Of course, everyone needs it no matter what their skin color or tone and it need to be appropriately applied.
That means it should be put onto clean and dry skin to ensure it spreads evenly and reapplied after a few hours,
or being in the water to maintain the UVA and UVB protection.

If you are heading out and about you can even get sunscreen to wipes to pop into your bag so that you can
top up your coverage on the go. Alternatively, some brands offer full days protection with just one application.
Now, these seem to be more expensive, but they work out pretty reasonable because you will use far less over
an extended period. Although, it is worth noting that you need to apply these and let them sink in for around 40
minutes before you go out into the sun. Something that makes putting it on before breakfast the best choice.

Heat exhaustion is no joke.

Heat stroke or exhaustion is a condition that can be incredibly unpleasant and even fatal! Therefore It is vital that
you know how to avoid it as well as what the symptoms are so you can catch the early.

The symptoms include getting a headache, feeling dizzy, faint, or tired, and having cramping muscles, at which
point you should seek medical attention.

Of course, it's much better to take care of yourself and avoid getting heat exhaustion in the first place, and this
isn't a complicated or expensive thing to do. In fact, all you need to do is to make sure that you stay well
hydrated in hot weather, especially if you are planning in doing physical exercise. If you don't want to pay
out for store bottled water to do this,  you can get a reusable bottle and fill this up before you leave the house.

It can also help a great deal to wear the right type of clothing. Light and lose clothes made from cotton,
cotton voile, and linen are the best because they allow air to get to the surface of the skin which cools it.
Sadly, such clothes can sometimes be among the most expensive to buy as they are full of natural fibers.
A way around this has to look for decent preloved pieces in thrifts stores or shop in the sales each summer
for the coming year to ensure your wardrobe is well stocked.

Cool your home on the cheap.

When the weather is hot outside it is a priority to cool our homes. Unfortunately, this is also something that can
be expensive, especially if we don't do it in the right way.

Luckily there are some steps you can take to help keep costs down. The first action that can assist you with this
is to make some time for reading advice on how to save on energy bills in summer that is written by experts.
Such information can be particularly useful because it will take you through all of the tech issues you need to
know about to keep your cooling bills down, such as AC maintenance and what thermostat to get to keep your
home cool.

Next, some simple and inexpensive changes can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your home
cool. Firstly, open windows and vent to ensure your space are well ventilated. Secondly, remember to close the
blinds and curtains when the sun is at its peak to preserve a cool space inside.

Thirdly don't forget to change out your winter bedding for lighter sheets more suited to summer and made from
cotton, as this can make all the difference on those hot summer nights.

Watch out when eating outside.

Eating and cooking alfresco is one of the joys of summer right? Well yes, it is for the most part, but if you are
hoping to survive the summer as safely as possible, there are some issue you need to be aware of.

Firstly, the bugs don't know what that the food you have is your dinner. Therefore it's entirely possible that flies
and other creepy crawlers that have goodness-knows-what on their feet can land on your food. Protect yourself a
nd your family from this by getting cheap plastic or netting covers for dishes will be sitting on tables outside for a
while. In a pinch, you can even use foil for this.

BBQ food is delicious but be sure to cook it well!

Secondly, food hygiene matters even when you are cooking outside. This means you need to wash your
hands in between handling raw meat and other foods, and dishes need to be cooked to the right temperature
something you can use a meat thermometer for.

Also, don't forget to keep food cold by putting it in boxes in the refrigerator, inexpensive ones are fine, especially
if it has any dairy or meat in as you don't want to leave it to sit in the sun for too long.

Look after your pets.

Lastly, if you are an animal lover, you will want your pets to spend time in the sun outside with you.
However, a trip to the vets can not only be expensive but be upsetting for both you and your pet.
Therefore do your best to keep them safe in the heat.

One way you can do this is to ensure that you have fresh water for them to drink outside. You can even get reasonable priced combination bottles and bowls for when you are on the move. Perfect for keeping your fur kid hydrated and safe no matter how hot it is, and without breaking the bank.

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