A Home To Be Proud Of

If you’ve not got a home that you feel you’re proud of just yet, then we’re here to help you. It can
take years to get to a point where you feel proud of your home, because when you first buy one
it’s usually the case that there’s a ton of things that you need to do to it. But, we don’t always
have the money available to make the changes that we want to make, do we!? If you’re
stuck in this position, then we know you’re not exactly going to have a home that you’re
proud of, are you. But that’s not to say that in the future, that can’t be changed. You don’t
have to splash the cash to make the changes that you really want to make. Sometimes the
subtle change that you make here and there, are the ones that you can be most proud of.
If you’re clueless about where to even start, then follow the advice that we have below,
and give yourself a home to be proud of.

Homemade Touches

There are some great homemade touches that you can put in your home that will easily
put some personal touches to it. Plus, what better way to be proud of your home, than to
actual have something in there that you’ve worked hard for! So, the first thing you could
think about doing is a bit of upcycling. When one piece of furniture comes to the end of the line, you
need to think about whether it’s actually the end of the line for it. Sometimes, you can just make a
few little changes to it, and it’ll look exactly like brand new. So, say if you have an old wooden
bed frame that you think is done for, let’s see if we can upcycle it for you. First of all, check for
any pieces that might be broken. Sometimes some of the legs have become loose, which makes
the headboard lean back slightly. If you don’t have any spare wooden pegs to replace it, which
they usually come with, then DIY it! All you’re going to need to do is angle it the way you need to
angle it, and fix it in place with a few screws. It should then stay upright once more! If it’s the fact
that some of the wood is looking a bit worse for wear, get your sander out. This is obviously going
to take such a long time, and it will strip back the colour of the wood, but what you’re left with is a
blank canvas to work with. You can paint it whatever colour you want, or let it be its natural oak
colour. If you’re painting, make sure you apply three layers of paint, all once the previous had
dried, and a final layer of gloss. The finish you’ll get will be lovely! And wallah! You’ve completely
transformed something that would have been ready for the bin, without having to spend much
money at all.

Other homemade touches you could apply include making things such as homemade photo
frames, or picture frames that you make yourself out of little bits. Usually, you can buy the
frame, and personalise it yourself. But if you want to get real fancy, you can get some wood,
and look at guides such as this that will tell you how to put one together really quickly. All you
would need to do is go to your local store, and get some accessories to decorate the frame with.
Some people even try and turn this into a mini business because the frames just look so good.

Cut Some Costs

If you need new things in the home, you can start to get a little bit panicky because of the costs
involved with buying something new. Usually, appliances and furniture rack up the most money,
but luckily, you don’t need to replace them very often. One of the things that needs replacing
pretty much as soon as it starts deteriorating, is your mattress. It’s there to give you the most
comfortable night's sleep, but that doesn’t always happen. If you were thinking about getting a
new mattress any time soon, head to https://www.efoam.co.uk to see if you can get a memory
foam mattress cut to size. It’s going to save you so much money than if you were to go to your
local home decor store. They charge through the nose for things such as mattresses and sofas,
when you can easily have the foam cut, and make the bed yourself. All you would need to do is
find a mattress cover, topper, and sheet to put over it. You might even find that it’s comfier for you
compared to getting a normal one!

Make It Cute

A cute home is definitely one to be proud of, and it’s not hard to achieve this. All you need to do if
fill your home with different ornaments, and things that might be special to you. For example,
indoor plants can look really cute at the minute if you get the rights ones. For the bedroom, you
could have little plant pots full of smaller ones such as a cactus. They look really cute, they don’t
need much maintenance, and they help to bring a bit of life to your bedroom. If it was for the
rest of the house, you could try and go a little bigger, but you just want to make sure that you’re
not over doing it.

Are You Even In The Right Home?

Sometimes, people have home envy of other homes, and when that happens, it’s hard to be proud of the home they have. If this sounds like you, then a move might be on the cards. You can make all the changes you want to your home, but it just won’t be what you’re looking for when you’ve got your eye on something else. Start having a little shop around, and see if you could actually afford a move!

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