Super-Stylish Smart Tech Your Home Needs

Home is meant to be the epitome of comfortable. It’s meant to be that brick and mortar oasis you
can escape to at the end of a noisy day and just relax, put your feet up and just switch off for an hour
or two. That’s the dream anyway. But for most of us, it’s doing this, that and t’other, sitting down and
then bouncing back up to do this or not being able to get relaxed because the ambience isn’t right,
and so much more.

That’s where smart-tech has swooped in wearing a bright red cape and matching face mask,
bringing with it some super stylish, must-haves that will transform your home into something from
the Jetsons. They’re not gimmicks either. They’re genuinely useful. Almost perfected. There to
help you save time, reduce stress, and finally let you unwind without any issues whatsoever.

What a time to be alive.

1. Nest Hello Doorbell
Nothing is more annoying than finally slumping into your favourite armchair with that book you almost
started last summer only to hear the doorbell go and get caught by your neighbor who’s - once again -
trying to sell you weight loss treats. Well, the Nest smart doorbell has a built-in HD camera that will
stop you second-guessing and cringing. What’s more, you can actually talk through it too, meaning you
can also tell the delivery man where to pop your parcel when you’re not in. It’s perfect.

2. Amazon Echo
If you haven’t already invited Alexa into your home, you need to. You really do. We know you’re
probably riding high on your high horse, not wanting to talk to a robot or follow the crowd, but this
crazy gadget is super amazing. Whatever it is you want or need, you just have to ask her,
meaning you could be laying horizontal on your sofa and tell her to play Alabama Shakes,
call your husband to see when he’ll be back, send a text to your daughter, tell you a joke or see
what you have planned. Basically, you need one.

3. Fluxo Lamp
There are no two ways to put this: the Luke Roberts Fluxo Lamp has been praised for being the most
stylish pioneer in the ever-growing world of smart lamp technology, which is because it ushers in an
infectious mix of white and multicolored light, so you can create whatever ambience you want and need.
But that ain’t all. This lamp also stops you from wasting energy by powering down on its own through
the use of sensors. In short: it turns on when it detects you entering the room and dims when you leave.
Very, very cool.

4. Motion Sensor Bin

Right now, you’re probably thinking a motion sensor garbage bin is 99% unnecessary. But you’d be
wrong because this stylish gizmo is threatening to make cross-contamination a thing of the past. With
nothing more than the simple wave of your hand or foot, the lid pops open. Yup. No more touching
that gross bin of yours. That’s got to be the future of healthiness.

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