5 Ways Pets Improve Our Lives

People who have never had pets sometimes find it hard to understand why pet lovers become so
attached to their furry friends. What they often fail to realise is how pets can improve our lives, and
how loyal they can be to their owners.

Yes, you have to pay for pet supplies, dog food, cat toy treats, food, vets bills and the like, but you get
plenty in return for that. Here are just some of the benefits of pet ownership:

Pets Can Help You To Relax

Any animal lover will tell you that sitting with a cat or dog, stoking them and generally giving them some
fuss can have a very relaxing effect. Experts say that petting you animals can reduce stress levels more
than anything else, including our friends and family. They will give unconditional love to those that love
them in return, and as they do not judge us, they can be the best support of all at stressful times of our

Pets Make You More Active

Studies have shown that pet owners tend to be healthier than those who do not have a pet. It us thought
this is because a pet keeps you more active, probably without you even realising it. You may take them
for walks or just play with them. It all gets you away from just sitting in front of the TV, as they are very
hard to ignore when they want your attention.

Some researchers, using a group of workers from a very stressful job, gave half of them pets to look
after and left half of them without. Those with the pets had lower and more stable blood pressures than
those without, much of the difference being attributed to them being more active.

Pets Can Help To Combat Loneliness

Pets can help to stop you feeling so lonely. You do not have to be living on your own to feel this way
sometimes, and they will help you to overcome this type of negativity.

Research has shown that interaction with pets can be just as effective as interaction with friends and
family. It also showed it is a myth that people replace human interaction with that of the company of
their pet. Instead, it is more likely to make it easier for people to mix with others.

Pets tend to draw other people to you and can be a starting point of conversations.

Pets Are Loyal

The loyalty shown by pets, particularly dogs, can be amazing. We have all seen stories in the media
where a dog has saved their owners life when an accident has happened and how they have stayed
with their owner until help has arrived. But it is more than that. On a day to day basis, your pet will
always be pleased to see you and you can be certain that they will always be there waiting for you to
come home.

Pets Are Good For You

Pets are good for you health and well being. Yes, they cause you extra work as well, but that is far
outweighed by the advantages and love you get from being a pet owner. Most people who have never
had a pet might disagree, but as soon as they have had the experience themselves, they usually
change their mind.

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