Do You Dare Complain About Your College Dorm Room?

Whether you’re starting college this summer or merely moving rooms, it can be a daunting process.
The trouble is, of course, that we don’t have any say over where we’re placed. We can only put our
names down and hope for the best. In that way, this is a unique process. At few other times will you
have so little say over your living conditions.

If you strike lucky, though, your dorm room could be exactly the way you’d hoped. You might end up
with a private room, or a dorm mate you click with the moment you meet them. In many ways, this is
the scenario we all dream of.

But, what happens if you find things aren’t ideal? Can you complain? Should you? Admittedly,
complaining isn’t always useful. Aside from making a nuisance of yourself, you won’t achieve
much if you dislike your room for no real reason. But, if you have a valid complaint, then, of
course, you should take action. But, what classifies a valid reason?

The decor is in disrepair

Admittedly, you can’t expect top design in any dorm room. These are generally blank canvases on
which you need to make your mark. And, you can learn how to do that on sites like But, even in its basic state, your dorm decor shouldn’t be in a
state of disrepair. If your ceiling looks like it’s about to come down, you’d have a decent case for
complaint. Equally, leaks are worth mentioning. In extreme cases, the college will even need to
compensate you for any damage done to your property. Similarly, things like uneven flooring and
carpet which sticks out are worth mentioning. If these hazards do cause a fall, you could always
visit and others like them for representation. Taking legal action like this is
especially important if your complaints go unheard. But, for the most part, the college should act to
deal with issues like these are soon as they’re aware.

You don’t feel safe


Not feeling safe is a prime reason for complaint. Your college should treat safety as a priority. And,
if your dorm leaves you feeling on edge, it’s important you tell someone. There can be a few reasons
for not feeling safe. It may be that your roommate proves themselves untrustworthy or engages in
behavior you don’t like being around. In this instance, a complaint in the right place can fast see
either you being moved or them. Equally, a lack of fire alarm or hydrant could be decent cause for
concern. Know your safety rights. If your room doesn’t match them, make your worries known.

Your locks don’t work

Speaking of not feeling safe, you should also complain if your dorm locks aren’t working. Locks get
old, and sometimes they stop working. But, this leaves you and your belongings at risk. No one will
think you unreasonable for taking it to the top. Better that than worrying about break ins each time you
leave for class.

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