Becoming More Self-sufficient At Home

Making your home more self-sufficient is a fantastic way to make it yours. You don't have to go
completely off-grid to have a home that helps to support you. There are a few different ways to be
more self-sufficient. It might not mean that you can survive through a zombie apocalypse, but you
can be prepared enough that you might fair better through a power cut or a storm. Plus, you can
save money and resources, while helping to protect the environment. Here are some of the ways
that you can become more self-sufficient so that you can have a home that truly meets all your needs.

Generate Your Own Energy

You might not want to be off-grid, but you can still think about ways to generate your own energy. It
can save you money, and you can even feed your energy back to the grid to get credits from your
energy company. Installing solar panels is one of the most popular ways of generating energy. Most
homes can consider doing it, unlike some other options like wind turbines. It can be more affordable
than you might think too. Solar panels can provide you with energy, and they can also heat your
water for you.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing and making food appeals to a lot of people. It's a great feeling to produce your own food
from scratch, and it's not difficult to get started. You might begin with some herbs in your kitchen,
and soon start growing a vegetable patch. If you have space, a chicken coop will give you fresh
eggs every day. Producing your own food can keep you going all year if you learn some preserving
techniques. You can do anything from creating preserves or pickles to drying or smoking your food to
help it last longer.

Heat Ideas

Being able to heat your home however you like gives you more control over it. You might want some
more eco-friendly ideas for heating that also help you to be more self-sufficient. Using a wood burning
stove is one possibility that you can consider. They can provide efficient heating for your whole home
using fuel such as logs or wood chips. There's also the option of a geothermal energy system, which
uses heat from the ground. They can also be used to cool homes, as well as heat them.

Water Systems and Storage

It's not as easy to get your own water as it is to generate energy. Short of drilling a well or living
next to a water source, there's not a lot you can do. However, you can collect rainwater so that you
use less from your home. While you can't drink it, you can use it for gardening and other tasks. You
might also want to fill a water storage tank with drinking water for emergencies, but it will only help
you in the short term.

Becoming more self-sufficient at home could have a big impact. You might love your home
even more when it can do more for you.

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