3 People Who Can Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

Moving house is always a pain; packing up all of the stuff and getting over to the new
place and then trying to set everything up so the house is actually liveable is a mammoth
task and it can get pretty stressful. Trying to do it all on your own without any help is only
going to make things worse so if you’re moving soon, make sure you enlist the help of
these people that can take the stress out of moving house.

A Babysitter

All of the normal stresses of moving house are magnified if you’ve got the kids with you. They’ll
get bored quickly and start pestering you while you’re trying to get everything organised. It’s so
much easier if you can keep them out of the way for a day or two while you sort everything out and
then they can move into their new home once it’s ready. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a babysitter
for a couple of days while you move. It can be a friend or family member or a professional, either way,
it doesn’t matter as long as you can keep them entertained while you move. You might be better off
moving during the week rather than at the weekend if you can get the time off work. That way, they’ll
be at school during the day anyway so you won’t have to pay as much money for a babysitter.


You might be able to get stuff in the car and move it over to the new house but you’re likely to need
more than one trip and if you’re moving quite a long way, that’s just a big hassle. You can make your
life so much easier if you just find a local 24ft lorry rental service. You can get everything moved over
to the new house in one trip and you’ll have the movers to help you out with the heavy lifting as well.
Always make sure that you provide some drinks and snacks for your movers as well, you’d be
surprised how willing they’ll be to help you out with all of that heavy furniture if you do.

A Cleaner

When you sell your house you’ve got a responsibility to leave it in a good state for the new owners.
They won’t be happy if they turn up and the place looks like a bomb site so the house needs a good
clean once you’ve moved all of your stuff out. If you do it yourself, that means having to drive back
over to the old house and spend the day cleaning it when you should be unpacking and setting
everything up at the new house. You can save yourself all of that work if you
find yourself a good cleaner instead. The house is guaranteed to be in perfect shape and you won’t
have to spend a day doing it all yourself.

If you avoid these common moving mistakes and make sure that you’re getting help from these people, your moving day will be stress free.  

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