Simple Ways to Save Energy During the Summer Months

Now that the summer months are here, you will probably be wanting to spend as much time as
possible outdoors. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t want to control your bills when you
are at home.

Five Bulb Lights

Much energy-saving advice centres around the winter months such as insulating your loft, installing
new windows from a company like Buckingham double glazing etc, but in this blog post, we are
going to be focusing on summer. Try them out to see what a difference they could make to your
household bills.

Utilise Your Ceiling Fans

If you are blasting out the air conditioning all day every day, this is bound to get mighty expensive.
However, if you have some ceiling fans installed, you may want to make better usage of them.
Make sure that you are only using them when you are in the room as there is no point in wasting

Cover Your Windows with Energy-Saving Window Film

It is a simple and affordable enough solution to cover your windows with a clear energy-saving window
film. The alternative is to keep your blinds and curtains closed to keep the direct sunlight from getting in.
Ultimately, you just need to stay aware of the position of the sun and make any adjustments accordingly.
Use a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

If you have not yet installed a programmable or smart thermostat, this is a worthwhile investment which
can end up giving you so much more control of your household bills. Take into account the times of the
day when no one is at home or everybody is sleeping. The major advantage of a smart thermostat is
that you can adjust the temperature of your home when you are on the go, giving you the freedom to
program and adjust the heat whenever you need to.

Invest in Some Power Strips

Most households have a lot of electronics these days, and they can end up sucking up energy even
during the times when they are not in use. Using a power strip means that you have just a single
socket to worry about turning off which is attached to multiple devices.

Don’t Use Your Dishwasher or Tumble Dryer

Now that you have some warm and dry summer air, it makes sense that you take advantage of this
when it comes to drying your dishes and clothes. This doesn’t take up any energy at all and it is
also the more active way of doing things!

Take Cool Showers

When you have been walking outside for a while and you have started to get a sweat on, there is
nothing more relieving than taking a cool shower. An average hot shower uses a total of 62 litres of
hot water and a bath ranks at closer to 80 litres. And you should also be aware that some power
showers will end up consuming more than a bath.

Saving energy and money during the summer months doesn’t have to be overly complicated.
These are just a few ways of doing so.

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