Creating Comfort: Four Ways To Add Cosiness To Your Home

People don’t look at the new house that they’re buying and wonder how to make it cold and clinical.
They look at their home and wonder how to make it comfortable and cosy. We want the type of home
that we are excited to come back to after working long hours. We want a refuge from the rest of the
world that we can truly relax into, feeling warm and comfortable no matter what time of year it is.
Comfort is key when it comes to our homes, as it’s our safe place; the place we can feel relaxed and
worthy of being.
Whether you achieve this by layering the rugs or adding curtains to the windows that already have
blinds, your home should be stylish and comfortable, and it should make you feel happy to be there.
There are so many ways that you can create a comfortable atmosphere for your home, and we’ve got
four ways that you can really add that snuggle factor!
Woman in White Long-sleeved Shirt Holding White Ceramic Mug

Sleeping Sweetly. The bedroom is the one place we crave to be after a very long day, so it has to be
somewhere beautiful and soft. Mattresses from and bedding with the highest
thread count can be all you need to make your sleep space the warmest place to relax. Make sure you
warm up your bed by placing hot water bottles between the sheets on a cold night – similar to the
old-style bed warmers that you read about from the days gone by. No one likes a cold bed on a cold
night, so make the whole bed a place to sink into.
Sitting Pretty. Everyone knows how cosy it is to curl up on the sofa with a bowl of nibbles and the best
boxset on Netflix. If your sofa is lumpy and the blanket threadbare, it’s not going to be comfortable at all.
Upholstering and re-stuffing the cushions on your couch and purchasing some cashmere blankets
and thick throws can make your evening watching Netflix a whole lot cosier.
Get Smart. Technology is the one thing that you can embrace in the home, but smart technology is a
step up which can mean you never get home to a dark and cold house ever again. You can control the
light and heat of the home so that you get home to a house that is the right temperature and you won’t
have to worry about wearing a coat indoors!
Floor It. Layering rugs over carpet in the lounge and the bedrooms can make your home so much
warmer than expected. Installing under floor heating in the bathrooms and kitchens if you can afford it
should also be a priority for you, because then you don’t have to panic about cold tiles under foot.

Your home should be warm, cosy and somewhere you want to spend some time. You’re paying a lot for
it; it makes sense that you’d want to use it as much as you possibly can.

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