Your Summer Road Trip: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Perhaps you should have down those maintenance jobs before departure!  (image)

It’s your annual summer road trip - excitement is at a premium - and you and your friends/family are
setting out onto the open road in search of adventure. Finally, this is your opportunity to leave the cares
of home behind. What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a lot actually. While you can’t control every
aspect of your road trip - road rage idiots, wandering animals in the middle of the highway, the burst of
the clouds as the rain falls - you can plan ahead to avoid some of the following issues that may plague
your trip.

What could possibly go wrong for you this summer? Consider the following.

1. You get lost in the middle of nowhere.

“Let’s take a shortcut” you say to your traveling companions, despite their protests. And besides,
sometimes a road trip is all about the journey, so a detour from the expected path is okay. Who knows
what you might stumble upon? But there is a problem. Sometimes, you shouldn’t take the road less
traveled. Especially when you end up in the middle of nowhere with no clue on what to do next. Did
anybody just see that vulture circle overhead?

Tip: You don’t need to get lost these days, especially with the range of navigational apps at your
disposal, so ensure you load something onto your phone before you head out on your trip. Be sure to
bring a travel charging kit to keep your phone alive as well. If you’re relying on your trusty satnav,
ensure you update the maps to the latest version, as there may be changes to the roads you are
traveling on. And despite the tech available to you, there is still no harm in bringing a road atlas -
at least you won’t face a dying battery or the annoyance of a satnav trying to lead you down a
narrow and dangerous path to reduce your travel time.

2. You forget something vital

You did remember to make a checklist before departure didn’t you? That list of items and ‘things to do’
that are a vital part of your planning time. Aside from our list of travel tools and gadgets, there are a
range of other things you need to remember for the trip, and you will only face calamity if you forget them.

Tip: Quite simply, write down a checklist or download a planning app for your phone. As well as listing
all the items essential for the trip - phone charger, first-aid kit, bottles of water, etc. - note down other
important details on paper or your app too, such as booking information for accommodation, rest stop
locations, and places to fuel up.

3. Your car breaks down

Your heart sinks when you realise you should have considered that used car loan to replace your old
banger. From burst tyres to overheating engines, your road trip will be cut short when your car breaks
down. Not only is this an inconvenience; it’s also a danger to yourself and other road users.

Tip: If your car isn’t fit for the trip, do as we said. Purchase something new if possible, or if you can’t,
rent out a car for the summer. And even if your car is okay, there are still a few checks you can make
before setting off into the sunset. A visit to the garage wouldn’t go amiss, either.


If you are heading out on a road trip this summer, we hope you have a brilliant time. Still,
ensure you follow our tips. Something could go wrong, so a little bit of planning is near-essential before
your journey begins. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!

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