Extending Your Property? Keep These 3 Guiding Tips In Mind

It might be that you have recently considered your home to be in need of an extension. A growing
number of family members, or simply a desire for more space could generate this ambition. This can
be a very exciting time, as it offers you the benefits of a new space while also retaining that familiarity
of the current property you’re living in. Thankfully designing this new space is relatively simple in terms
of logical arrangements, as your new space will always be directed by the space that currently precedes
it and will connect to it.

However, it’s important to know a few guiding tips for success, particularly if this is your first ever effort
in extending your property. It’s best to learn with foresight than to experience the need for changes
through error, so consider the following helpers to ensure you press forward in the right directions:

Planning Permissions

Planning permission is essential if you hope to extend your property to begin with. Everything hinges on
this. The application might differ depending on what country or state you live in, so be sure to familiarize
yourself with the requirement of your local authority. Also try to become aware of any variables that
could influence the potential of your plans being approved.

For example, is your home a listed building, protected with historical legislature? It might be that you
cannot extend in the first place, or that you are limited to a certain structure pending approval. Do you
live in ‘an area of outstanding beauty?’ This might mean your structure is also limited. Also consider
property rights, and the requirement for you to display your planning permission out the front of your
property so that the community can dispute this if they so need to.

Electrical Setup

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when knocking down your walls to make room for the
new layout is the electrical setup. If you do not disconnect your fuse box from that grid, if you’re
unaware of how to dismantle electrical setups, or if you’re less than sure about construction in
general, it’s easy to work in the presence of danger. Ensure you hire a professional electrician to
help you unhook, detach and nullify any electrical current in the area you are hoping to start your
efforts This can grant you peace of mind as you attempt to begin work.


Remember the logistical cost of improving or extending your home. Where will you store new
materials, or dispose of the old? How easy will it be to transport these materials to the select area?
How will you protect this construction from adverse weather conditions? What local businesses can you
work with the help lessen the load of your efforts, and how much of this can your budget sustain?

Keeping an eye on the logistical methods is essential here, lest your project starts to run over budget
and overschedule. Remember, this is a tight project, not simply designing fun to be found in a
videogame like The Sims and its build mode.

With these simple guiding tips, you should construct a wonderful new extension in no time.

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