Are You Taking Care Of Yourself In This Wonderful Weather?

Summer is here in full swing. It’s very warm. In fact, some might say it’s hot. Some
respond dramatically well to this, while others sit inside miserable, with eight fans
aimed at their torso, trying to eat as much ice cream as possible to cool down. If you
find yourself one of the people who absolutely adore the summer, count yourself lucky.
This is shaping up to be a great one, with maybe even record-breaking temperatures.

None of this comes without a cost. You likely know that from anything else good in life.
The main price you could pay here is not one but many. They are the very many avenues in
which you could impede your health partying all summer in the suns rays. Are you taking
care of yourself in this wonderful weather? It might be a worthwhile question to ask, and
could help you shine with a little more of a smile each day:


Your skin can crack and become damaged in the presence of the heat and sunshine. As your
skin dries, the next day can damage it even more. Before long you might peel, or experience
some very harsh sunburn, particularly if you’re out for many hours, or you have a sensitive skin
temperament. Aside from the usual sun lotion you should be wearing, you should also consider
using face moisturizer for your skin type, and apply it morning, day and night. This will help your skin
become refreshed with moisture, and retain that. Another good tips is to splash water over your body
now and then, and in the process hydrate your skin.


However, splashing water over yourself isn’t your only requirement. It pays to also hydrate as you have
been doing since birth. In hot weather be sure to consider how much you sweat, and add more water
to your daily intake. It can pay to drink cooled water to cool down, but any clean source should, of
course, be fine. Plan your day so you are never without water, even if that means taking your own
bottle and buying it in the store when out. Hydrate every twenty minutes in the very hot heat, or
more if you feel you need it. This can help you stay refreshed at all times, and can work wonders for
your health.

Appetite Suppression

For some people, and seemingly in women more than men, sunlight can impede our appetite.
This means that we could go a whole day only drinking and without any meaningful nutritional intake.
This might not sound like the end of the world, but it can prevent your body from drawing benefit from
the vitamins to help you stay energized even in the presence of intense heat, and can prevent you
from retaining your hydration to a degree. Be sure to eat, even if you only eat light and healthy meals.
A carb load in direct sunlight might not be ideal, but you should certainly try and hit your nutritional

With these tips, taking care of yourself in the wonderful weather is sure to be possible.

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