Amazing Tech for Amazing Homes

The time for a simple broom and dustpan are long gone. As the years have gone by, increasingly
fantastic tech has reached our homes. From the very gimmicky to the nowadays a must-have in
everyone’s household. Here’s an overview of ‘must have’ and ‘must want’ home tech in 2018.

If you would have asked your great-grandfather 50 years ago what would have lay ahead for the future,
undoubtedly you would have gotten this answer: robots. Well, guess what, robots are here, sort of.
Less humanlike like most futurists from the 60s had predicted, but more utilitarian. We now have robot
vacuums whizzing around the house and similar devices on our lawns. And even traditional vacuums
are getting better, the number of features modern vacuums now have, robotic or not, can be quite
confusing. Best4YourHome is a great resource to find the right one for you.

If you asked that same great-grandfather again, he would say we would all be carrying portable devices
that we would use to communicate, including the use of holograms. Although we are not there yet with
holograms, the rest is not far off. The ability to transport a live video stream to a device across the world
is now also finding its way to home devices, such as home security cameras and doorbells. You can be
out and get a notification that a motion detector has triggered and turned on the camera for you to see
who is at your door. Or someone rings the doorbell and you can tell that person that you are not in, in

Speaking of video doorbells and not being in, you could also trigger your smart lock and unlock your
front door. There is a whole bunch of smart technology that we can utilise around the house. How
about smart thermostats that can control the temperature of your home? Or smart plugs, a potentially ‘
must have’ product that gives you full control of which appliances are switched on, and more importantly,
off? Or smart light bulbs that can set and control lighting and mood in the house?

And controlling all that tech is becoming easier as well. Voice assistants have matured and become
mainstream in the last few years. They are way beyond just being a gimmick and buggy. Voice
technology has become more sophisticated, more devices around the house are connected to it,
and we are increasingly used to the awkwardness of it all. The use of voice assistance and voice
activation is slowly becoming more useful and second nature. Of course, there still some way to go
before we can just talk to ‘our house’ in every room, but that does not seem light years away anymore.

Most smart technology sits in the ‘must want’ category, but as it becomes more useful and not only
saves us time but also money overall, it becomes a ‘must have’. Or we could consider health reasons,
such as purchasing an air purifier. And who still has a traditional stereo stack? Connected speaker
systems that run of apps are sleeker and easier to install around the house. Because face it, life is
better with a soundtrack to it.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

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