Become A Saving Queen

We’re not all naturally good at saving. There will usually be that one person in your life who is,
and you just think ‘why can’t I do that?!’. Well, it’s all down to self control, and the people you know
who have a healthy amount of savings, probably have a decent amount of self control. But don’t
worry, we understand why you don’t. That new handbag is sometimes all too tempting. That
chinese takeaway is always more appealing than having to slave away in the kitchen after a long
day at work. If you have children, then things just become even harder, especially as they become
more demanding. But we know how stressful it is when you know you don’t have money to fall
back on. The thought is always in the back of your mind, just in case something goes wrong and
you can’t afford to fix it. So we want to try and make you a savings queen, and we think we know a
few ways how we can do just that. Have a read on to find out more.

Hide Away Your Spending Demon

We all have a spending demon, but not all of us know to control it. That’s why most of us go
through life spending a ton of money, and wondering why we have nothing left to actually put
towards something we need, savings. The sooner you
learn to get your spending demon under control, the better things are going to work out for you.
If you walk into a shop to do your weekly food shop, but end up piling the trolly high with things
that you don’t particularly need, then we have some advice for you. Work out roughly how much
you’re going to need to spend on food. You could even go online and total things up, but still go
into the store to purchase them. When you go, make sure you withdraw the cash beforehand, and
leave your purse at home. That means you won’t be able to take any more cash out, and you won’t
be able to spend anything on your card. It’s so much easier to learn self control through doing this.
It works the same with anywhere that you’re going. If you’re going for a drink with friends,
make sure that you’re only taking out what you would like to spend. When you know your
money is running out, you know it’s time to either slow down, or go home! Taking your card
everywhere with you is deadly, because there’s just such a high chance that you’re going to use
it to spend on things that you don’t need to spend on!

Family Spending

Your spending demon, and your family spending, are two completely different things. You need to
spend money on your family, and there’s no way of getting out of that. From the food you put on
their plates, to the things that they want to do of a weekend. But, there’s nothing better than
spending on your children to make them happy, so we’re not going to try and take that away
from you. First of all, think about what you actually spend on them, and if perhaps you might be
giving into their whining. If you’re walking around a store that has toys in it, and you’re always
buying them what they ask for, you’re probably wasting your money. It’s important to get the
balance of self control with your children right. However, when it comes to making their life more
exciting by doing activities with them of a weekend, you don’t really want to keep backing down.
Think of all the days out that you can have for next to nothing first. Whether it be going to the park
with a rounder set and a picnic, or taking them to the local leisure center to go for a swim. It doesn’t
have to be all about taking them to expensive places, sometimes the simplest of things create the
best memories. If you were to go out and go somewhere such as a theme park, have a look online
for discount codes to see if you can get any of them cheaper. Even things such as the cinema you
can find two for one tickets for if you look hard enough!

Saving On Big Spends

There are some big spends in your life that you just can’t ignore, and one of them is the bills
that you have to pay. It’s a nightmare right from the moment you own your own home, and it
would seem that the more people you have in your home, the more expensive it’s going to get
for you. So, to save on your electric bill for example, you need to think about ways that you
might be using it around the home, when it really doesn’t need to be used. The biggest habit
that some people have is to leave the lights on, during the day. As soon as that sun starts to
come up, you shouldn’t need to use your lights. You should be using the natural lights to light
up any room. Another one that people seem to do, especially to help their children sleep, is to
leave the TV on all night. It wastes so much electricity, when leaving a simple teddy in the cot
could help to keep them asleep. As for the other big one, water, you should try and keep your
showers to a minimum. As your children go into their teenage years, this is something you should
definitely try and enforce. If they’re in the shower for longer than 15 minutes, they’re being too

Building Up Some Savings

So, once you’ve managed to get your spendings under control, it’s all about trying to build up your savings. What you might like to do, is do a bit of research into savings apps. There are some really good ones out there that will analyse your bank account, and look at your incomings and outgoings. Each week, it’ll take some money out of your account, and put it in the app savings account for you. You can then withdraw it whenever you like, or set a lock on it! It’ll be a neat tool to help you out if you’re struggling!

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