Your Posture Is Ruining Your Health... Now What Are You Going To Do About It?

You heard it all the time when you were growing up. You got it from your parents,
grandparents, teachers and just about every other adult with a modicum of authority throughout your
formative years. “Stand up straight!”. At the time we thought they were being unfair. We assumed that
they were accusing us of being slovenly, of reflecting poorly of them. And maybe they were, but they
were also doing us a huge favor. We just didn’t know it back then. It turns out that our posture is
extremely important to our health, and an adolescent’s natural inclination to slouch can set in
motion a chain of bad habits which can have a domino effect that can prove ruinous to their health as
adults. The thing is, our modern lifestyle is not conducive to good posture and our increasingly
sedentary, screen-facing life is slowly but surely eroding the quality of our posture and dragging our
health down with it. If you don’t start to take steps to correct your posture right now, you are likely to
incur a range of ill effects which could lead to serious or even life threatening conditions.

Posture can’t be that important can it?

Sure it can! Remember that our torsos contain all of our vital organs and bad posture can place a
whole lot of pressure on them that they haven’t evolved to tolerate. At the very least, poor posture
can make us appear shorter and less attractive. Bad posture pushes your head forward which can
misalign it with the rest of your body and at the very least give you the appearance of a double chin
even if you’re not overweight. It can also make you carry your body fat in less than flattering ways,
sticking your belly out and making it look bigger than it actually is. Poor posture also causes us to
gain weight. The pressure we place on the stomach can mean that we inhibit the digestive process, meaning that we don’t metabolize our food as effectively as it should, meaning that more of it is
stored as body fat. If you often feel bloated or that your physique is not representative of your diet,
your posture may be the reason why. But these largely aesthetic issues are really just the tip of the

Poor posture can have a range of more serious ill effects. It can be a constant source of neck,
back and foot pain which can inhibit your range of movement and make healthy activities like
exercise or even walking a gruelling ordeal. You simply can’t have a healthy and active life if you
have bad posture. Moreover, unless bad posture is corrected, its effects become more degenerative
as you get older as your muscles weaken and your metabolism begins to slow down.

Bad posture can even be life threatening. It can exacerbate the symptoms of depression, reduce
immune function, increases your stress levels and even
increases your risk of heart disease by up to 67%. It can also place
excessive wear on the discs in the spinal column leading to reduced mobility and
eventually an increased risk of paralysis or disability. The good news is that it’s never too
late to start correcting your posture. It may take time, effort and dedication but it’s simply a
matter of...

Breaking Bad (habits)

Most of us have developed bad habits which are detrimental to our posture and thus to our general
health. It’s not necessarily our fault. The trappings of modern living are not conducive to good posture.
As technology gives us more and more excuses not to bother getting up or being active, we’re finding
that modern living pushes us towards an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that does our health no
favors at all. Here are some common bad behaviors that will need to be rectified if you’re to restore
your spinal health…

Get healthier in your sleep

First of all, sleep is enormously important in ensuring good overall health and few of us in this hectic
and stress saturated world are getting enough of it.
Rest is as essential to good health as a clean diet and regular exercise. Yet, we’re so busy
juggling our jobs, careers and family life that finding enough time to get some shut eye is
increasingly elusive. The honest answer is that you have to make time. When all is said and
done, getting enough sleep is infinitely more important than scrolling through your social media
feed in bed or bingeing a season of Game of Thrones. You may think that you can get by on 4-6 hours’
sleep a night but your health will suffer.

It’s not only important to get plenty of sleep, but to ensure that you sleep on an appropriate surface.
There are many areas in life where you should cut costs to save money, but your mattress is never
one of them. Head to today and see how a new mattress could benefit you. If your
nights are often spent tossing and turning, the right mattress can make all the difference.

Don’t sit this out!

Just look at all that time we spent sitting. We get up in the morning, sit down to breakfast, maybe
watch a little TV, sit in the car or on the bus to work where we’ll do another 8-12 hours of sitting with
almost no intermission before getting in the car again and coming home for a nice long sit. The
trouble is that even though we’ve been doing it for centuries, sitting is not a configuration that our
bodies have properly evolved to accommodate. Sitting can be absolutely ruinous to our posture, and
carries with it an exponential number of health risks, especially when we’re hunched over a smartphone,
craning our necks down to look at a laptop or peering forward to look at a computer monitor. Of course,
nobody expects you to quit your job, but you owe it to yourself to find an excuse to get up and walk for a
few minutes at least once every half hour.

It only takes a few small changes and a whole lot of consistency to change your posture and upgrade
your health.

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