7 Easy Ways To Bring Nature From The Outside In

It’s so easy to get absorbed into nature the moment you leave your house. You hang out in your garden to be among the green and the fresh air, but you do it without realising the effect that nature has on you. There are some moments in life that require you to unplug from technology and escape into nature; the peace and calm that it can bring to you can be addictive and it can make you feel really good. The thing is, you can’t just stay outside all the time – much as you may want to. You can’t just leave your job or your home and live in the backyard. Well, you could, but you’d get a little wet and cold. Nature gives you that calm, clear-headed feeling that you can’t quite achieve in the built-up city where you work. You don’t get that renewed energy that makes you feel like you can achieve anything when you’re in the office or stuck in the four walls of your home.

So, it makes sense that you would want to bring nature from the outside into the house as much as possible. Let Mother Nature have a hand in your next decorating project, and you can reap rewards that you didn’t even know you needed to reap. Check out the seven ways that you can bring nature in below:

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Open The Windows. You may not realise it, but you probably sit in the house with the windows closed
way more than you sit with them being open. Fresh air flowing through the house is an absolute essential
when you want to have a little nature inside the house. Stripping back on the window treatments and alleviating
the view of bulky curtains so that the air from outside comes in should be your first job. Large open windows
that are cleared of all coverings and debris are those that draw the eye. If you don’t have large windows in the
room and you feel it can be accommodated, splash a little cash and get the builders in to make them big enough
to fit your vision.

Stone It All. You may have already laid a crazy paving path with rough stonework, but stones aren’t just reserved for walls and the floor. There are so many ways that you can bring in stones to the house, and it does mean you’ll have to book yourself a day to head to the beach for pebble hunting. Of course, you can buy larger rocks and pebbles from stores and online, but you could also buy large, clear vases that you then fill with the most perfect stones that you can find from the beach or the woods outside. There may be tiny, coloured pebbles in the fish tank already, but what you’re looking for is natural colours. Go for warm greys, blacks and whites for a beautiful contrast and each time you see those filled vases, you’ll be reminded of the day at the beach.

Add Water. There isn’t anything more natural than the sound of running water, and if you’ve got the yard space, a water feature could be the perfect addition to your home. You can go as big or as small as you like with this one, from the smallest of fountains in the back yard to an entire slate wall in the dining room. It’s the closest thing that you can have to a waterfall inside your house. Sometimes, a feature like this can be more than you intended to pay out, but it’s everything that you need for a little nature on the inside.

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Herb Gardens. If you have a green thumb, and even if you don’t, you can really get stuck in to planting your own indoor herb garden. Not only can it be a fun project, if you’re a cooking enthusiast you can really get to know herbs and start to incorporate them into your meals. Always make sure that you use brand new pots and keep your new garden in the sunlight. You can then grow your own accompaniments to your meals and really have an impact on your culinary skills.

Flower Arrangements. There’s nothing nicer than getting a fresh bunch of flowers delivered, is there? Each time you go past them in the hall or on the table, your spirits lift, and you feel happier just seeing them. You don’t have to wait for someone you love to send you something beautiful, because you can always just send yourself some flowers instead. It means that no matter what time of day you come home stressed from work, you’ll be greeted with the scent of fresh flowers whenever you walk through the door, and who doesn’t want that?

House Plants. While we’re on the subject of flowers in the home, tall plants can change the way you think about your room décor. Succulents are perfect for those who don’t quite want the upkeep of an herb garden or don’t have the funds for constant fresh flowers being delivered. You can mix up the sizes that you order, and you can have them in every room of the home if you want to. Plants bring in more colour and make you feel calm just having them nearby. That’s not something you should miss out on.

A Natural Wall. In the home, it’s easy to cover up exposed brickwork with plasterboard and a lick of paint. But what if you didn’t? What if you left the brickwork exposed and instead, treated it with a sealant? You would have a natural element right there in the home, which doesn’t leak and doesn’t grow damp or mould.

Your home needs some nature in it to make it appealing to you. Don’t waste your time constantly dipping outside when you’ve got things to do; bring the outside right in, and all you will need to do is embrace it! Breathe in better air with plants in the home and admire your new stonework. It’s all natural.

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