All Natural Grass Clumping Cat Litter Works Wonders!

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Having mulitple cats in the house, I need a litter that helps control odor and keeps cleanup easy on me. The other thing I look for in a litter is that there is no chemicals that could hard my cats. With the Frisco grass cat litter from

Not only is it all natural but it has very minimal dust and I also love how well it clumps, it makes cleanup a breeze.

The cat litter has a clean look and no odor! So, I decided to put it to the test with my cats! 

With two male cats it's especially important to keep the odor down, so there isn't any "markings" etc. After using the litter for several days, I noticed not only did it clump amazing but it kept the odor down a lot. It's as if you wouldn't even know there was a cat in here at all. 

This is an awfully productive litter, that not only helps with cat odor but makes clean up a snap. I was amazed at the absorption this has. I am very pleased and would recommend this litter to anybody! It's great for the planet because it's biodegradable and is easy to manage.

You can order this and many other great products from and it's sent to your door!

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