Can You Really Spoil Your Pets Too Much?

Your pets become like your very own children. Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat fanatic, it doesn’t
matter. Your fur babies are your babies, and you would do anything to keep them healthy and happy!

However, is it possible to spoil your pets too much? Can treating them like human members of the family
be detrimental to their health and happiness in the long run? Let’s talk about this in more detail below:

Training And Disciplining Your Pets
Training and disciplining your pets is not just important for your happiness, but theirs, too. If you fail to
train your pet and discipline them to reinforce your house rules, they are going to become confused.
You may find accidents around the house, or wonder why they simply do not listen to you and
misbehave frequently. By training your pets vigilantly as early on as you can, you will be able to
avoid most behavioural issues and live in harmony with your pet.

Training and disciplining your pet, providing you do it in a smart way (not by hitting them or by using
force), will make your pets happy. They will know their place and what is expected of them. A
confused pet is not a happy pet! This great pet blog has a ton of resources that talk about this in
more detail.

Making Your Pets Happy: Not As Hard As You Think
You have to realize that to make your pets happy, they need a lot less than you. They may feel like your
actual baby, but they aren't. They don’t understand how much things cost, and don’t accept love the
way many humans do. You may be showing your pet love by spoiling them in a way you like to be
spoiled, and your pet may be getting confused by it and not realize what is going on at all.
Constantly buying them new toys to play with and letting them rule the house is not necessary.
To make your pets happy, you need to provide them with basic things:

  • Regular clean water and suitable food
  • Regular activity suited to their breed and size
  • Attention
  • Mental stimulation
  • A comfortable place to sleep and live

Every pet is different. Different pets may want more/less exercise. Some may want more/less
attention and handling. It not only depends on what they are and their breed, but their own
individual personalities. Making sure you look out for cues from your pet signalling what they
do and don’t like is important.

Conclusion: Can you spoil your pets too much?
Spoiling your pets is not necessary to keep them healthy and happy. Providing you are spending
plenty of time with them and keeping them healthy, they will be happy. They are a member of your
family, but remember that they see things differently to you and don’t need to be treated like a human!

Have you been spoiling your pets? Leave your thoughts below - thanks for reading!

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