Choosing The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom

If you are thinking about redecorating the house this autumn, one of the larger projects you might be thinking of completing is the bathroom. The bathroom can be a difficult job to do and it can be
one of the ones that you likely dread when it comes around. The toilet in particular isn’t the nicest
thing to choose in the home, but here are some handy tips to make choosing your new toilet much

What’s your budget?

The first and most important thing you have to consider when it comes to looking at a toilet is the
cost of the piece. When you are doing any work to the house, your budget will always be a big thing
to consider and it should motivate most of your decisions. It will decide whether you
go for a general toilet suite or something more fancy like a bidet seat with LED lights.

Think of space

The space in the bathroom can be sacred, and if you do have a small space to work with in the
bathroom it can be a nightmare to find the right suite for the room. When it comes to studying your
space you can use a bathroom simulator online and this will allow you to fit your bath, shower
and toilet into the room and see which type of suite you are able to fit in there. This will make
things so much easier when you go to the shops to buy your new toilet.

Colour and style

Everyone has different taste when it comes to what they think looks good in their home. The first and
main thing that will affect what you add into the space will be the colours you want on the walls and
the style you think looks great. For example with toilets you can have rounded seats, square
seats and even integrated units which are built into the wall. Take a look around and you
might be surprised at the choices out there for you.


Depending on the people you have in your family, accessibility can be an issue which comes up in
the bathroom when it comes to young children or elderly members of the
family. They will often need either lower seats or wider ones depending on
who they are and they might need extra room on either side for rails or for things such
as walking sticks. Take a look online at the different options which are
available to you and you should easily be able to find something that suits your needs.

Choosing a toilet for your bathroom might not be the most exciting job in the world when it comes to
decorating the home, however it can make a massive difference to the overall feel and look of the
room as well as the functionality. Make sure you choose a good suite this year and you likely
won’t ever have to change it again after that, which of course is a huge bonus!

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