Horses & Heat - Keep Them Comfortable This Summer

How have you been holding up in the current heatwave? I know that most people are sick of the constant heat already, and I’m sure that you will be no different. There never seems to be a break from being sweaty and uncomfortable! Well, if you’re feeling the heat, you can be sure that your horse will as well.

As a responsible horse owner, it’s really necessary that you make sure your horse is safe
whenever the temperatures start to rise. They are affected by extreme heat just like we are,
and if they don’t receive the right kind of care, could fall quite ill. Read on to find out how you
can keep your horse safe this summer.

Constant Water Source

Your horse will need to drink a lot of water once it starts to get hot outside. If they are
exercising, then their need for water will increase further. So, make sure that your horse has around
the clock access to fresh water whenever they are in their stable or out in the field. If you are
struggling to find a suitable vessel for all their water, you could buy an Elliptical tank online.
The position of the tank’s centre of gravity means that they are very difficult to knock over, so
should be suited to be inside a stable.

Watch Out For Sunburn

Did you know that horses can get sunburnt just like we can? It’s true! So, you need to be careful

that you provide all the right preventative care. You can buy sunscreen that is specially
made for horses, and it’s important that you apply this first thing every day. It might be
necessary to top it up in the afternoon. It’s essential that you keep a beady eye on your
horse while they are outside so that you can bring them in if the sun ever gets too strong.

Provide Shade In The Pasture

Your horse will no doubt be outside for most of the summer. This is perfectly fine, just make sure
that there are plenty of shaded areas it can go whenever the sun gets too much. Trees will provide
plenty of shade, but make sure the trees always offer enough shade at all times of the day. After all,
the sun will move as the day goes on, and some trees might not provide much shade at all once the
sun has moved to a certain position.

Don’t Overwork Them

Even if you ride your horse every day usually, you need to ask yourself whether it’s a sensible idea to
ride it in this heat. The high temperatures will zap a lot of the animal’s energy, and it might not have
much left in the tank to go for a long ride. So, it’s worth considering shortening your distance and
speed. On extremely hot days, it’s best not to ride them at all.

Make sure you follow all of these tips and help your horse stay comfortable in this summer heat!

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