Garden Safety 101

When we think about gardens, we always imagine them in our minds as being peaceful, relaxing spaces. Unfortunately, though, they aren’t always like this and, in some cases, your garden could actually prove to be dangerous. This can be bad news if you have small children as they could be at risk of hurting or injuring themselves while playing outside.

It is easy to ensure your garden is safe, though, and there are some quick fixes you can carry out to make sure no one is at risk when outside. Here are a few great ideas.

Always Trim Large Trees And Hedges

If you have any large trees or hedges in your garden, you need to keep on top of trimming them especially if they are close to your house. If you don’t, you might end up going to Boulder Window about a window replacement! That’s because trees or hedges with long branches could be very dangerous during heavy winds or storms. The bad weather could cause branches to fall off and blow towards the house. A strong gust of wind could easily send one crashing through your windows!

Wear Gloves While Gardening

It’s always a good idea to wear thick gardening gloves while you are working on your outside areas. Not only will this protect your hands from any pricks or spikes on the plants and weeds, but it will also protect your skin from any harsh chemicals in the products you use. Fertilizers and pest killers can be poisonous to us, so make sure you don’t make yourself ill by getting them on your bare hands. Not only that, though, but your gloves will prevent too much damage to your hands if you accidentally slip while using sharp tools.

Cover The Pond

If there is a pond in your garden, you need to keep it covered. This is essential if you live with small children, as they could very easily fall in. Plus, it will keep any pets safe as well. If you don’t want to block the pond, you can simply use some wire mesh. That way, no big objects or people will end up in the water if they fall, but you’ll still be able to see into the pond. It’s a good idea to cover the pond completely through the winter months so that the water doesn’t freeze over as this can kill the pond life.

Add Some Shade

All gardens need to have some shaded parts. Some plants will need to grow in the shade and will die if they are left in bright sunshine. But these cooler areas are also handy for you and your family. When it gets super hot in the middle of summer, you will be able to move into the shade so you don’t get too uncomfortable. The shade can also provide you with a bit of heat relief when you are busy gardening.

Make sure your garden is safe so that you can enjoy it as much as possible!

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