Keeping My Multi-Cat House Hold Odors At Bay!

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There's times when having multiple cats can be tricky, especially when it comes to keeping the odor of the litter boxes down. You want to make sure you have the right litter that isn't going to just mask the odors, but a litter that will neutralize them!

I have three cats, two of them are male. So as you can imagine, I need a litter that is going to do its job! Recently I tried out the Frisco Lightweight Cat Litter from

It's unscented, so there is no "masking" the odor. It's a clumping litter which makes scooping a breeze and the granules are very tiny, which I like, because they don't get stuck in my cats paws and tracked around. Making for a much sanitary litter as well!

When I poured it in the litter boxes I was impressed at how little dust kicked up and the container it comes in makes it super easy to pour. I also love that you can even recycle the container and/or use it yourself for different things around the home or in your garage.

This was amazing at keeping the odor of the litter boxes down. I am very impressed and if you have a multi-cat household you need to give this stuff a try! 

It's made of 100% clay and its deodorizing system is activated every time your cat uses the box. It also absorbs very quickly, which I love because it's less "mess" at the bottom when it's cleaning time. 

This comes conveniently from and is shipped right to your door. They are an amazing company, be sure to check them out for all of your pets needs!

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