Keeping Your Home Spick And Span When You Have A Dog Around

Having a dog in your life can be the ultimate addition to your family. Whether you live alone and
love the companionship, or have a house full and feel like a dog really brings balance, it can be one of
the best decisions you make. But at the time you don’t think about the practical side of things, and if you
happen to be very house proud you may start to think about how you are going to jeep the floors
clean of mucky paw prints and such. I wanted to share with you some of the things you could consider
to help keep your home looking spick and span.

Give your carpets a brush

One of the best things you can do for carpets is to give them a brush regularly. It may sound a bit
strange, but even if you do vacuum regularly pet hair can become imbedded in the carpet material and
therefore not be brought up by standard vacuuming methods. So brushing the
carpet really gets amongst the fibres of the carpet and will have you pulling up hair that
on the surface you thought wasn’t even there.

Use DIY methods to help them keep clean and smelling fresh

There are so many great cleaning methods out there to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh, but
often the home remedies are just as good, if not better. Bicarbonate soda crystals have always
been a great item for creating at home cleaning products, but combining it with an essential
oil for scent means you have your very own carpet refresh scent. Rubbing the concoction
into your carpets and leaving it to do its thing for thirty minutes, and then vacuuming the area, will leave
a fresh scent and cleaner carpet.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned

Of course, there can be times where you will have a stain on your carpets that just won’t come off, no
matter how hard you try. You may have used shop bought products, created
your own stain remover and still have no joy. This is when
professional Carpet Cleaners should be called in to help with the job. It will be surprising how
much dirt these industrial cleaning machines and the operatives will take out of your carpets, no matter how clean they look on the surface.

Mop the floors and make it easy on yourself

We don’t always jus have carpets in our home, in fact, many people will have tiles, hardwood or
laminate flooring in some rooms of their home, it not all of it. It can be a real practical solution
when it comes to dog ownership as these types of floors are much easier
to keep clean and maintain. However, not all of us love the ideal of pulling out a mop and bucket
every time there is a trail of dog paw prints. So making things easier by buying a spray
mop could make light work of cleaning the floors. Fill the spray bottle with your favourite
solution of scents or cleaning products and away you go.

I hope that these tips help you to keep your home looking clean when you have a dog in the family.

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