Make a Dark and Dingy Home Feel Lighter and Brighter!

Some homes just aren’t blessed with lots of space and light. In times gone by, properties were built quickly (and lots of them) simply to accommodate people in times of house shortages. Since they were built purely for practical purposes, things like south facing gardens and incorporating lots of light wouldn’t have been a priority for the builders like they are today. If you live in an older home like this, or just one that’s a little smaller or darker inside in general, there are still ways you can make it beautiful. Here are some ideas for brightening up the space you have!

Upgrade the windows and doors
If you’re struggling with a serious lack of light, then one of the best ways to remedy this is by improving your windows and/ or doors. Making windows larger, or adding things like skylights is one way you can get more light to enter your home. Look into sliding glass patio doors with professional installation, these could be added in a kitchen or living room to make a grand entrance into your back garden and will allow the room to flood with natural light. In your front and back door, choose a model which has a window built in. You can get security glass in these doors that aren’t able to be smashed through so no worries if security is an issue. If you own the property and have money to spend then doing this will more than likely put things right.

Cut down large trees outside
Is your lack of light a result of large trees outside? Trees and plants can make a property look beautiful, however large trees shouldn’t be placed close to the building. Not only can their roots break up foundations causing subsidence, but they can seriously block out the light too. Plant trees in your back garden but towards the bottom. Keep any hedges or shrubs at the front lower than waist height, this prevents burglars having a place to hide out as they try to break into your home.

Switch up the colour scheme

The colours and decor that you choose for your home can make a massive difference to how
bright and spacious it looks. Dark or bold colours and patterns will all draw a room inwards.
Light shades will all reflect the light making it look brighter and airier. Consider having all of your
walls skimmed by a professional and painting them a plain, neutral colour. While, magnolia or a
very light grey would all be good options. You can always add colour and contrast with the use of
accessories. Curtains, cushions, rugs, lamps and vases are all a way to bring in some colour and

Utilise mirrors
Mirrors are a great way to make a room look brighter. A large statement mirror will look fantastic in
any home, but if you position it in the right place it will reflect lots of natural daylight back into the
room. Ideally you will place your mirror opposite the window, however anywhere that looks right will
still have an impact. Choose a frame that fits in with your theme and decor, and go with the largest
size that works well in the room. Perfect for making your blank canvas walls look more personal and
you’ll improve the light situation too.

Think about the decor
While being crammed with furniture and clutter won’t make the home necessarily look darker, it
will make it look much less spacious. Give everything a good declutter and find storage solutions
that work for you. Get rid of bulky items that you don’t need, and replace them with furniture that
fits the space you have. Take careful measurements before buying anything so you know it won’t
be too big. Consider things like ‘ghost chairs’ made of acrylic or mirrored furniture as almost an
illusion to make the space look smaller. You might need to source smaller pieces, or even have
them custom made if you live in a tiny place. Add plants to the home which are unfussy and a nice
way to add colour and texture and bring the refreshing, airy feel of the outdoors into your home.

A home that feels light, bright and airy makes for a pleasant place to spend time. Whether you make
significant renovations or just a few internal changes, do what you can to improve the light that
comes in and you’ll increase the beauty of your home.

Does your home need some extra light coming in?

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