Make Your Backyard Great Again

We know it’s deep into August already, but if there is one thing that we still remember our Grandma
telling us on a bi-daily basis it’s: better late than never. Okay, so we remember her rattling all sorts of
stuff, from “everything has a place, put everything in its place” to “if you can’t say anything nice”,
but it’s mainly the never too late thing that hangs in our mind. Anyway, the reason we are telling you
this is because we’ve discovered some amazing ways to make your backyard the best place to hang
out. Ever.

It doesn’t matter whether you use your backyard for entertaining friends and family, gardening at every
chance you get, playing with your kids, relaxing with that book you almost started last summer, grilling
on a daily basis, or a little bit of all the above - backyards take a little bit of out-the-box thinking to make
them the best they can be.

So, without further ado, here are some genius ways you can improve your garden, and make the most
out of your backyard, slowly turning it into that place you’ve always dreamed of; that place can truly sit
back, relax and unwind.

Treehouse Is A Must

There is something totally picturesque about having a treehouse in your backyard. Yes, there is need
for safety precautions, but they have got that Dennis vibe to them. That feeling a great childhood and
caring parents. What’s more, it can be a super-creative way to add a bit of character to your home.
Yes, it’s fun for kids, but it’s also amazing for adults (who are just kids that don’t want to grow up,
right?). You can go all out with intimate details, or you can keep them as nothing more than bare-
bones and exposed wood. Whichever way you decide to go, if you choose a solid tree and build your
structure properly, your treehouse will last for decades.

Fire Pits Are Forever

As a family, no tradition will last longer than the ones you make in your backyard. It’s getting together a
few times a year to play badminton, volleyball, cornholing, and croquet, before everyone chit chats and
laughs around a fire pit. That’s what makes a backyard party. It’s roasting hot dogs and making s'mores
on the open flames, before everyone snuggles up together in blankets, wishing the flames to do their
job. Yes, a fire pit is somewhere to make your backyard usable in the evenings, but it also creates a
sense of community.

Al Fresco Kitchen, Please

We know what you are thinking: An outdoor kitchen is one heck of a huge investment. And it can be.
But it could also be a built-in grill or a pizza oven. Either way, it will always be money well-spent,
whether you love hosting al fresco gatherings with lots of friends or just soaking up your little patch
of the great outdoors with your family. You can just imagine it now, sat beneath a pagoda, on comfy
outdoor seats as your natural mosquito sprays keep the mozzies away from the sizzle of food, doing
what you would normally do, but with the added bonus of being outside and amongst it all. It’s what
gardens are all about.

Light Up The World

If there is a simpler, more stunning way to add a touch of wow-factor to your backyard than stringing up
some pretty outdoor lights, please tell us what it is because this little move can totally transform your
outdoor space. It could be string lights hung above your decked area of patio patch, lamps to light up
your garden path or spotlights to give your home that extra bit of edge when the sun goes down.
They will all make you want to use your outdoor area that little bit more.

Hop Into A Hammock

If you are going to buy one thing from Amazon this week, make sure it is a hammock. They’re simple,
quick, inexpensive, utterly picturesque and totally relaxing, and they will have you using your garden
as a haven for peace and quiet in almost no time at all. Hanging a hammock is that awesome way to
enjoy your backyard for next to nothing, as you kick back with a glass of wine and that Rom Com
novel you almost started last year. What’s more, you only need to find a couple of trees and you’re in
business. Or, if you don’t have the trees on offer, you can just you can just buy a hammock that has a
base, and then go about setting it up wherever the sun is pointing.

Swing Into Sunday

Don’t ask us why, but we’ve always had a thing for porch swings. It’s that country feeling of kicking back
after a busy week with a homemade lemonade, a guitar you’re learning to play and saying hi to your
neighbours as they saunter past on their way to or from wherever. If you grew up in the country, you’ll
know exactly what we’re talking about. That’s why we can’t recommend you pop a swing on your deck
enough, or hang one from the big oak tree out back. If you have kids, it will give them that little
somewhere to escape and read, or it could add that romantic touch you’ve been yearning after.
Whatever your hopes, they are adaptable to pretty much any style. And they are oh so comfy too.
It’s everything Sunday’s were meant to be.

Playgrounds Are Perfect

If you have kids, and you dread the long summers when the school has broken, then a playground is
an absolute must-have for your backyard. It doesn't have to be huge, not by any means. It just has to
have enough to entertain their imaginations for an hour or so. It could be a little sandbox with a slide
and swing, or you could go all out. Whatever your space and budget say. Trust us though: there really is
no better way to get the kids off your back for a second.

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