Taking The Bad Out Of The Big Bad Moving Day

Moving home regularly comes out around the top when surveying the most stressful experiences in
the average person’s life. It’s sad to say, but a lot of that stress can be self-inflicted. A lack of the
proper preparation is going to make the experience drag out much more than it needs to. So, here
are a few ways you can keep the pain short and sweet.

Prepare your old home for the exit
First of all, you need to eliminate any anxiety about the old home by making sure that it’s as spotless as
possible. Hiring a cleaning company can take out of a lot of the work and ensure that the home gets
the deep clean that the new owners deserve. Take a picture of your meter, as well, so you don’t
end up footing the bill for utilities you’re not using.

Who needs to know?
Another way to ensure you don’t get charged for the old home or inconvenienced by any of the
institutions that know your address is to inform them. There are plenty of contacts you need to inform
about a move. Utility providers, the government, the post office, and your employer are key amongst
them if they don’t already know. Don’t forget any of the financial institutions you use, like the bank
or credit card providers.

Organize the transportation early
You really should have your transportation organized as soon as you know the date you’re moving.
If you can’t take all the stuff yourself, movers are a lot of help, but you have a better chance of
getting them when they’re available if you sign them up as far in advance of the move as possible.
Just make sure you have a good idea of the inventory and try to get as close an estimate to
the total weight as possible, so you can get the number and type of vehicles that best fit your
budget and needs.

Pack and label smartly
As soon as you have the movers organized, or even before, you should tackle the packing.
Pack items in boxes related to what room they’re going to and color code them so that it’s
much easier for you and your movers to get them to the spaces they need to go. If you’re dismantling
beds or other furniture, put the screws and other small components in sandwich bags
and make sure they’re labeled so you know what they’re for.

Be ready for the overnight stay
Most moving days don’t give you time to get thoroughly unpacked by the time night falls.
You’re likely to be exhausted, so the first thing to do is get the beds set up and make sure you have
an overnight bag or essentials box prepared for the stay.

The sooner you can get into your new home and unpack all your belongings, the sooner it can
actually start feeling like a home. If you’re counting down the weeks, start the prep work now so you
have a lot less to do when the big day arrives.

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