Four Things You Must Do Before You Move In!

Moving into a new property that you’ve just purchased is exciting. Yes, it can be stressful if you allow
it to be, but for most people it’s pretty much the most exciting thing on their calendar to look forward to.
A lot of people choose to make a home purchase an investment as much as it is a new thing to buy for
themselves that year, choosing a fixer upper and not just a new build. It can make all the difference
to your moving experience if you’re moving into a home that still needs a lot of work on it before you get there.

Some houses still require fixing up and other building work to be done on it before it’s truly ‘ready’ to be lived in, but that doesn’t usually stop buyers from heading in when they can. The good thing is that your home will have a real estate inspection before you get there. This can help you to determine whether the changes and building work that will need doing are purely cosmetic, or whether there’s going to be more of a structural issue with the home you’ve got waiting for you. Outside of the building work that you will need to complete on your new home, you’ll have to think about other tasks that need to get done before you get into the new house, and below you’ll find a few of them listed:

Black and Grey Keys

Lock Changes. When you viewed your house, you probably weren’t the only ones to be let in.
The realtor, the maintenance guys, the previous owners – anyone could still have keys to your
external doors. The best thing that you can do in this case is to get all your external locks changed the
day that you move in. Just in case.

Call The Cleaners. A professional company coming in and giving the entire house a deep clean
before you move in should happen regardless, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get someone in
to do it again. If you’ve got a little bit of a compulsion to do it all yourself, by all means, get those
Marigolds on and make sure it’s cleaned to your standards.

Repaint The Walls. Moving into a property that has been preloved means moving into someone else’s colour scheme and taste. Making sure that the whole place has a fresh lick of paint before you move in isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you can afford it.

Service The Boilers. Ideally, this will have been done before you move into the property,
but it’s always best to double check that the boilers in the property are all up to scratch so that you
don’t have any nasty surprises come winter time.

Moving into a property that you have purchased is a big deal, and it’s a lot of money to do it wrong.
Think ahead and make a checklist of the most important things to do before you go, so that you aren’t
worrying while you wait.

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