The Pretty Side Of Pet-Proofing

Pets are fantastic additions to any home. They bring joy, love, and a whole load of entertainment. As
such, even those who haven’t taken the plunge often have pet ownership dreams. Sadly, though, pet
ownership isn’t all rollicking across sunlit hills. There’s a whole load of responsibility to take on board
as well. Even seemingly low-maintenance pets need a lot of care. They need love, attention, and
feeding. They rely on you to take them to the vet. They also depend on you to pet-proof your home
so that they don’t stumble into trouble.

Though it’s difficult to believe, it's this last which keeps many of us from fulfilling this pet-based
dream. Vet bills and constant care aren’t a problem, but we’re pretty precious when it comes to our
soft furnishings. Most of us have an idea of a pet-proofed house as being all hideous fences and
plastic-coated wires. In truth, pet-proofing doesn’t have to mean compromising the appearance
of your home. For proof, we have some pretty pet-proofing methods which could add to, rather
than take away from your decor.

Dress your fences

There’s no getting past the fact that pet ownership often comes hand in hand with fences. This is
especially true when it comes to outside space. How else can you keep your pet from wandering
off and getting hurt? But, don’t think that means defeat. In reality, it’s entirely possible to get pretty
with fences, too. All you need to do is think outside the box. Instead of sticking with a metal monstrosity
of a dog pen, for instance, why not invest in a pretty wooden option? When it comes to your garden
fence, you could even add some finishing touches like the post caps found on this website.
When it comes down to it, there's a pretty alternative for every fence going.
You just need to think outside the box to find it.

Wonderful ways to hide wires

On the face of things, hiding wires should make your home prettier. But, many pet owners use
unsightly plastic coatings to do the trick. The fact is, though, that you don’t need to follow suit.
By putting some thought into this, you could invest in pretty skirting boards. These would both
keep those wires hidden, and add an elegant finish to your rooms. There is more work involved
here, but many would argue that’s an effort worth making.

Blankets to benefit everyone

Another pet proofing staple is that of blankets. Aside from keeping fur at bay, these can work to protect your all-important soft-furnishings. Given the functional task of such blankets, many owners opt for bland choices here. In reality, though, blankets are a fantastic accessory in any home, and yours could be too. Admittedly, you won’t want to spend much on these as they may not last long. But, there are plenty of beautiful budget options which could enhance your home.

With all this in mind, then, there's no excuse not to get that dream dog!

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