3 Health Changes You Can Make This Summer

In the famous words of Karl Pilkington: “The best thing you can do is look after yourself. Get
on with it”. He’s not wrong in the slightest, except of course to make exceptions for family and friends.
However, you are the only person (aside from your growing children,) that you will ever enjoy 100%
autonomy over the decisions you make. This means that your health is largely your responsibility.
Of course, there are sometimes scenarios that crop up we couldn’t have predicted in any other way,
but on the whole you most likely do have a good degree of utility in terms of the health decisions you
make each day. Consider these to improve your life in no uncertain terms:

Sleep Hygiene & Health

If you’re getting less than your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a day, it’s important to sleep more.
A lack of sleep can feel further tiring when you realize just how relaxing the summer sun is.
The last thing you want is to fall asleep at your desk inside a warm office environment.
Sleep hygiene is also important in the summer heat, as often we can feel quite constricted and
overheated in our bedrooms. Taking the effort to ensure our sleep is perfectly coordinated and
taken care of during this time can help us live with more energy over the summer, and get in
good habits for our vacation time. The last thing you need to feel halfway around the world is too tired
to get out of bed and enjoy the local environment, so working on your sleep hygiene and health could
be a great first responsibility to take care of.


Your diet is important to manage, but what purpose is your diet serving right now? By this we mean
are you conducting a certain diet, are you trying to lose weight, are you trying to gain all of your daily
nutrients and vegetables, or perhaps simply eating foods good for your skin for the perfect and most
healthy glow? The secret? Mostly all great and healthy foods can help you achieve all of these aims,
so it’s important to ensure you stock your summer fridge with light, beautiful and healthy foods.
This also has the added benefit of helping you stay active and light during the summer, as eating
heavy foods can often bloat you and make you feel terrible if you’re not able to digest them in time,
not exactly ideal for relaxing in a pool or playing volleyball on the beach.

Mental Health

In the insane rush of daily life, it can often be quite easy to neglect your mental health. What steps
have you taken to correct this lately, and might you benefit from doing so? It might be that spending
more time to destress, relaxing and reading, connecting and socializing with others, perhaps taking
steps to move towards resolving an emotional issue via a therapist could be the summer of
rejuvenation you need. Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more so.

With these three health changes this summer, you’re sure to feel rejuvenated.

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